Is Your Home Halloween Ready?

Halloween is just around the corner! Most shops have long started to display plastic skeletons, oversized fluffy spiders, and laughing witches. Needless to say, every household with children in the UK has probably already purchased some of these essential Halloween items. After all, after over a year of pandemic and, for some families, extreme self-isolation, it's going to be the occasion for children to go out and enjoy the fun of Halloween. So let's make the most of it while we can! 

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Fun decor ideas to do at home

We need to turn to our friends on the other side of the Atlantic to get some inspiration about designing adequate Halloween decors at home. Indeed, as exciting as the plastic skulls, skeletons, and battery-powered witches are, everybody has got the same decor. So, it's time to be creative and flex your artistic muscles. You can keep things classy with painted baby's breath in dark vases as a gloomy table centrepiece. Those who have a sewing machine could sew fake tombstones to decorate the chairs around the dining table. 

Wow the kids in your neighbourhood

What are the best Halloween sweets? If you check the displays in your local shops, it's likely to be a combination of skull or spider shaped chocolates and gruesome candies in odd colours. And frankly, while it might be exciting the first time, most homes are likely to have the same sweet assortment. So, why not look around for something unique and fun? You can order American sweets online, which are guaranteed to put a huge smile on every child's face. If you prefer something homemade, cookies with googly eyes are a favourite! 

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Make sure your children are prepared to enjoy the day

Halloween is all about showing off your fun costume, ringing the neighbours' doorbells, and receiving sweet treats. But, as a parent, you also want to consider how your child's behaviour could affect those around them. For instance, it's essential to brush up on your child's moral values ahead of the special night. After all, it's a night of safe scare, not of rude and anti-social behaviour! Remind them to be polite and respectful when they speak to the neighbours. A sweet smile and a thank you also go a long way when they receive sweets. Last but not least, sharing is a golden rule of a fun Halloween night.  

Choosing a great costume idea

What does the best Halloween costume look like for a child? There are no rules. Some kids want to dress up with shop-bought costumes, while others prefer something a little more creative. Homemade costumes are not as daunting as they seem. You can easily create a bonfire costume with simple cardboard cutouts to represent wooden logs and the flames, for example. Robot costumes also require little work; spray a big Amazon cardboard box on a metallic colour, and tada! It's worth investing in child-friendly makeup to bring life to all the butterflies, kittens, demons, and zombies of their dreams. 

Are you ready to make Halloween fabumazingtastic this year? With a little effort, you can create an unforgettable memory for children. 

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