5 Things I'm Loving Lately - November 2021

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I've been meaning to update the blog with a post like this for a while now - life has been so busy lately that I'm only just getting around to it. It's been a crazy time for us all, hasn't it? I'm still coming to terms with what has actually been happening the past (almost) two years. If COVID has taught me one thing it is to appreciate what you have and celebrate the things you love. Here are 5 things I'm loving lately.

1. Wedding Planning
After a 12 year engagement, myself and Nick have finally set a date and are getting married next May! We are both quite low-key people and don't like being the center of attention but we are setting that to one side. It's a day to celebrate our love for one another and to bring our families together after the rough time we've all had lately.

2. Routine
Don't get me wrong, I can't say we are a very routine-based family - however, I'm just so appreciative to have some sense of normality back. Both Noah and Ava are at school and are thriving. It's wonderful to see them back with their peers and with smiles on their faces at school pick up. 

3. Stardew Valley
I'm going to sound like such a nerd but one of my favourite ways to relax in the evening is to dig out my Switch and play Stardew Valley. If you've not heard of it yet then you are totally missing out. It's more than just a farming sim and has become a cult classic. The sole creator Eric Barrone has also just announced a new game, The Haunted Chocolatier.

4. My Dogs
I don't mention my pups enough as I should - they are fabulous and a never-ending supply of entertainment, support, and love! With the kids being back at school we love wrapping up and going on long walks together. It's a great way for me to get my steps in too and wonderful for mental health.

5. Making Time For Me
With the kids back at school and having more time to myself I've been making sure that I treat myself every now and again. It's easy to lose yourself when you are a parent and to put your own needs on the backburner. Every month I go and get my nails done, my eyebrows threaded, and my hair done. It might not sound like much but it does me the world of good. For those of you who really want to spoil yourselves, you can go a step further and pamper yourself with laser hair removal - saving you time and money in the long run, and leaving you feeling permanent, pleasantly smooth. New York Laser Clinic offers advanced, medical-grade laser hair removal in London, and their gold-standard lasers provide effective, pain-free hair removal for every skin type. Book a free consultation today and, for November only, enjoy 55% off laser hair removal.

What are you loving lately? 

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  1. we are exact same as you 10 year engagement so far and once we marry we like low key