How to Raise a Respectful Child

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Great relationships are built on the principle of respect and while we know what that is, how do we teach it to our children? A girls prep school in London shares a few ways that you can do this.

Tackling Disagreements
Knowing how to deal with disagreements is a key skill for being respectful that can help your child to socialise and work with others diplomatically. Teaching your child that it's okay to be faced with disagreements and the value that differing opinions hold can help you to do this. You can do this by having healthy debates at home which get your child to think about their standpoints and respectfully take differing views on board.

Being Considerate
Having an appreciation for the feelings of others can help your child to be more respectful and considerate. This is something that you can teach them by being kinder to those around you and making them aware of how they treat others. Tools such as a feelings dictionary may be useful for this or character books such as those on the MR Men series.

Communication Skills
Having the patience to listen to others is important when demonstrating respect. This is known as active listening, and it can help your child to improve on their comprehension too. Questions are a great way to demonstrate interest and can help your child to gauge situations better.

Using Manners
Manners cost nothing and can help your child to appear courteous and respectful when talking to others. Reminding your child to use their manners from an early age can help them to become accustomed to using them and become a respectful child.

Keeping an Open-Mind
Teaching your child to keep an open mind is important when raising your child with respect. This is the ability to be receptive to new ideas that are different to your own by agreeing to disagree and being open to understanding.

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