Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for the School Bus

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The stress of a child’s trip on the bus can be enough to just take them to school yourself, but encouraging your child to hop on the bus can give them the chance to be independent and teach them to be mature about their decisions. While it can be stressful, these top tips from this independent school in Surrey will show you how to get your child ready for their morning school commute.

Try out the route before they head on the bus
If your child has a general gist of where they’ll be going on their bus commute then they’ll feel much more comfortable when it comes to the daily commute. Act out what your child should be doing and when they should be jumping off the bus; if needed you can do this a few times to get your child properly used to the morning routine.

Think about finding them a bus buddy
Someone to sit with when they’re on the bus can relieve a lot of stress for your child. If your child has a brother or sister to join them on their journey then it can be a good excuse to get them to go to school together. Your child might have a close friend that they can tag along with on their morning commutes - arrange this with your child and they’ll probably feel more motivated in the mornings.

Challenge negative thoughts
Buses can be full of bullies and people your child doesn’t want to be associated with, and with them comes a lot of negative attitudes and anxiety from your child. It’s a good way of getting your child to challenge bad thoughts and feelings that can prepare your child for their morning commutes. Children shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of being bullied or picked on when they’re on the bus - help your child stand their ground and feel more confident when they head to school so they can feel happy about their day ahead.

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