The Benefits of Journaling for Children

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Journaling is a tool that is used by many to unleash negative thoughts, creativity and simply reflect on one’s day. Journaling has many more great benefits for children as it allows them to improve on their literacy skills such as reading and writing. A boarding school in East Sussex shares more on the benefits of journaling for children.

Clarity of Thought
With so many thoughts whirling around your head and emotions to deal with, it can be hard to think clearly at times which is where having a journal can help. Writing things down offers perspective and allows for detachment from problems. This helps children to deal with difficult situations and emotions better.

Mental Health
Talking to somebody when you're going through something difficult can be a scary thought and keeping a diary can help. It can help your child to get some weight off their chest and make the process of talking to someone easier.

Working Towards Goals
All you need is a notebook and a pen to start actioning your dreams and explore your talents. According to studies, those that write down their plans are more likely to achieve them.

Improved Literacy
Journaling on the daily can help your child to improve on their literacy skills such as reading and writing as they get into the habit of conveying their thoughts into words. It also gives young children the opportunity to improve on their handwriting so that their writing becomes more legible and easier for teachers to read.

A Way of Expression
Children can also freely explore their ideas and imagination, allowing them to become innovative and creative thinkers. Exploring this from a young age can help your child to become a pioneer of tomorrow.

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