3 Unusual Things To Do This Mother’s Day With The Whole Family

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You ask any mum out there, she will tell you the greatest gift that you can give her on Mother’s Day is to spend time with her kids. Sure, you can go old-school and get chocolates for mum, give the goodies that she will absolutely love, give her the best gift in the entire world, but the best you can do is come up with unusual and engaging ways to spend time with her. That’s why organising Mother’s Day activities will make her feel extra special and extra close to you.

This has brought us to curate this article; a place where you can get inspiration to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day. We are here to tell you some of the many activities that not only involve and make your mother happy but promise a memorable day with the entire fam.

1. Go Shopping
The best way to spoil your mother is to take her shopping on Mother's Day. Sure, you do this activity every other day but it is time to tweak your experience a little bit. We are talking about exploring the old lanes of your neighbourhood, going antiquing at a local flea market, exploring the hidden artisans in the deep of your city and coming home with some of the most precious findings. Remember to propose this idea to her before and if she’s discomforted by this even a bit, take her to the good ol’ jewellery or clothes and home decor shopping, she will love your help to pick out something special for herself – after all, it’s her day to get all the pampering she wants.

2. A ‘Junk Food’ Party
Mums are known for their unconditional love, they would do absolutely anything in the world to give their children what they want. It’s time for you to spoil your mother a little bit with a dose of junk food for her. Chances are, your mum struggles the entire day to meet everyone’s deadline in the family including hers. She might be struggling to make ends meet when it comes to being healthy and for all those yoga sessions that she does, we think you should treat her with a pizza lunch. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve going to a pizza place - if she’s in the mood for her favourite movie marathon with pizza on the side, your Mother’s Day plans are sorted! Make sure you are there with her, watching her favourite movies while she enjoys her free day with you by her side.

3. A Spa Day
There is nothing better that comes to mind when we say self-care – A spa day is a perfect way to pamper your mother on the upcoming Mother’s Day. It’s time to get to work, to start noticing her favourite salon and her preferences when it comes to the kind of spas she likes. Once done, book an appointment for you and her, perhaps your entire fam and spend the day together getting pampered.

A budget-friendly alternative to this plan is an at-home spa, you can watch videos and learn how to make a DIY face mask, set up a station for a mani-pedi and make her feel like she’s on top of the world. Mums are the ultimate heroes of our lives and make sure you make them feel like one. Even if you fail in your at-home experiment, they’re definitely going to appreciate you for the efforts you put in.

To Sum Up…
There is an array of options when it comes to personalising Mother’s Day gifts for your mum, you need to decide what you think would be the absolute best gift. A great way to let your mother know that you care for them is through gifts, so this is an opportunity that you should definitely grab to tell her that you love her. We suggest you start brainstorming right from today, to land on the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Come up with creative ways to align the surprises with her schedule. If need be, steal her from her office during lunch break for a quick lunch with the fam for a memorable Mother’s Day.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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