5 Screen Free Activities for Children

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There’s no arguing that technology is addictive. It gives us an outlet to have fun, play games, and stay in touch with loved ones. As the various platforms have evolved, it’s become increasingly difficult to get children to engage in screen-free activities. A problem as excessive screen time can affect the eyes, concentration, physical health, and mental wellbeing. We have teamed up with a private girls’ school in Manchester to share 5 screen-free activities that you can do with your child below.

Arts and Crafts
Crafting teaches children how to think creatively whilst helping them to express themselves and practice their fine motor skills. While it’s not the tidiest of activities, it’s one that they will have a lot of fun doing and will help them in their development.

Children are intrigued by a lot of things that grown-ups do and cooking is one of them. By getting them involved you can equip them with essential life skills for the future.

Board Games
Board games involve strategy and can help children to exercise their brains. They also make for great bonding time too.

Time spent in the garden can in fact help children with their mental health as the outdoors and greenery helps them to feel less anxious. A great way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors, and in their own garden is by creating a safe haven for them. Somewhere for them to relax, and unwind is great for their mental health too. How about investing in a cosy hammock from Hammock Heaven? Great for children and parents alike.

A Day Trip
There’s a whole wide world out there with so much for your child to learn and discover. They don’t need to cost anything either. You can visit local farms and other nearby attractions.

Other Ways to Limit Screen Time
Modern problems require modern solutions. If you’re struggling to manage your child’s screen time, you might find a content monitoring tool like Norton Family helpful. They help you to keep an eye on what your child does online and set restrictions so that they actually stick to their screen time limits. You can receive all of this information in the form of easy-to-read, digestible, real-time reports that notify you of what they are viewing which can also be beneficial from a safety perspective.

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