Top Tips for Supporting Your Child's Academic Progression

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As a parent, your words have the greatest impact on your child. They can motivate them to be the best that they can be and help them to overcome obstacles like those in their academic career. Aside from using words of encouragement, there are a number of ways that you can support your child’s academic progress. A senior school in Surrey shares a few of them with us below.

Routine is so important for children. It helps to maintain normality which in a time where there is so much change around them can be a comfort. It can help them to also form healthy habits and be better prepared for learning. An example of this is sleep. Without a good sleep routine, your child will struggle to concentrate at school and retain information.

Be An Involved Parent
Asking your child questions and staying in the loop is the easiest way of showing them that what they are doing is important and helping them to feel valued. As well as helping them to take school seriously, you have the opportunity to offer help where possible and improve their chances of doing well.

Speak to Their Teachers
As well as speaking to your child, speak to their teachers. They will be able to give an insight as to how they’re doing, and inform you of any concerns, and where they could benefit from further support. Aside from parents' evenings, teachers are more than willing to share information regarding this to help their pupils.

Do Learning of Your Own
Children pick up on the behaviours of their parents and look up to them as their role models. By taking up learning opportunities you can motivate your child to also do the same. That doesn’t have to be anything academic per se and can even be learning a new skill or mastering a new recipe.


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