5 Tips To Reboot Your Morning Commute

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Commuting by bike has quickly gained popularity. With cities like San Francisco adopting more bike-friendly measures, more and more city dwellers are changing their mode of transport. The benefits of bike commuting are evident: less money spent on gas, improved physical health and better mental health — plus you don't have to fight for parking! So how can you make the switch? Check out this short guide for useful tips, plus learn about women's e bikes for city riding.

Get Your Bike Out of the Garage And Go
If you already have a working bike in your garage, then congratulations! You've already one step closer to rebooting your morning commute. If not, you'll need to go bike shopping. With so many kinds on the market, it's easier than ever to find one that meets your needs.

Today's bikes come in two- and three-wheel models, with both traditinnal and electric-powered versions available. Three-wheeled bicycles offer a little extra stability, especially for those brand-new to riding. Popular electric bicycles San Francisco include Sixthreezero's Around the Block, available with your choice of a 250- or 500-watt rear hub drive motor. Around the Block features an ergonomic riding and pedaling position to minimize soreness in your joints. Wider tires and a comfy seat made the ride even more smooth and pleasant. The Around the Block 250W and 500W both offer two power modes: pedal assist and full power.

Know Your Gear
Proper maintenance can help you keep your bike in good working order. Remember the ABC's of biking: air, brake and chain. Check to make sure that your tires are properly inflated, your brakes work and your chain is lubricated and free of damage. You may also want to learn how to remove battery from electric bike.

Plan Your Route
To get the most out of your commuting experience, you need to plan your route. Fortunately, accomplishing this is also easy. Check out resources from your city's public transit agency. For instance, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority offers its Bike Map Network online. You may also want to look for bike path maps from local cyclist groups or online resources like TrailLink or Bikemap.

Find Your New Coffee Stop
Millions of Americans fuel up with a cup of joe each morning. With the money you're saving on gas, you can afford a quick pit stop to enjoy your favorite roast. Besides saving time on your commute, planning your route also helps you find these convenient pit stops.

Check the Forecast
Sometimes, commuter drivers take the weather for granted. But knowing what lies ahead weather-wise is essential for planning your bike commute. After all, you don't want to be caught in the pouring rain without protective gear. Having everything you need in an easily accessible place also saves you time in getting out the door.

Transitioning from driver to bike commuter is easier than you think, but it does take some planning, equipment and supplies. Many helpful and trustworthy resources can guide you in making the switch.

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