Why is Reading so Important for Children?

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All subjects at school require reading. Your child will need the skill to research as well as understand and attempt exam questions. There’s also more to its importance as it can help children with their creative thinking and vocabulary which is why it’s recommended that they spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day reading. Below are some more facts which were shared by a boys’ senior school in Tooting.

Books introduce children to ideas that are different from their own, encouraging them to consider new perspectives and ways of thinking. Through the author's writing, they can connect with the characters and develop empathy for how they feel.

Increased Knowledge
They also give children an insight into the world around them. Regardless of whether their reading material is fiction or not, they can learn new concepts and broaden their understanding.

Keeps The Brain Active
Reading keeps the brain active and can be useful during long periods away from school where learning loss is typically felt. This can help to keep it healthy and reduce the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Creative Thinking
Also, unlike a film or a TV show, books have very few pictures. This leaves the rest to the imagination, helping children to explore their creative thinking.

Children can get distracted easily, making it difficult for them to gain their full concentration. Reading is an activity that relies on it as you must piece bits of information together in order to follow storylines and anticipate what’s going to happen next. This practice can help to build their attention span, helping them in the classroom.

As there’s such a variety of different books, they can explore a wide range of things and form their own passions and interests.

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