How to Raise a Team Player

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We can all benefit from working and sharing our ideas with one another. Team working is a valuable trait to have, not just in a professional setting but also in everyday life as it teaches us how to deal with different characters and maintain harmony. Here are some tips that we’ve put together to help parents in raising a good team player.

Dealing with Confrontation

It’s likely that your child will meet others that they clash with and that’s normal. In life, not everyone will like you and that is another lesson in itself to explore. It’s okay to think differently and agree to disagree but it’s important to do so in a respectful way. This can be done by trying to see things from different points of view and having an open mind. Something which you can train by encouraging them to read and broaden their knowledge of the world around them.

Real World Practice

The best way to build any skill is through practice. Extra-curricular activities and sports clubs can give children the chance to work with other children and develop these skills. In sports, children must work towards a common goal and with the capabilities of their team.

How to Communicate

Communication is the key to team work. Everyone must chip in with their ideas and help one another out. Something that can’t be done without talking and communicating which is why you should encourage conversation at home. Push your child to come out of their comfort zone and encourage them to participate in conversations by asking for their thoughts and ideas.

Social Skills

You also need to be a sociable person when working in a team. Other than communication skills, interpersonal skills are needed. This is the ability to tailor your communication to various situations and people’s emotions. Something that can be worked on by helping children with their emotional intelligence.

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