Top Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Study at Home

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Studying consistently at home can make all of the difference where grades are concerned. It can help children to get to grips with what they’ve been taught in class and better prepare for their examinations instead of having to cram in the lead-up. Here’s some advice that we’ve put together to help parents with home education.

Understanding Why It’s important

You won’t get much out of your child if they aren’t interested. Education is the key to a successful future and not all have the same privilege and opportunities. Understanding why it’s important and where their studies can take them can motivate children to want to put in the work and study at home. To do that, you might want to explore the different career pathways, and discoveries that are being made across fields and try to understand their individual motivations.

A Set Schedule

To make sure that they’re up to date with their school work and are actually putting in the hours, you can create a study schedule to follow. Children thrive from routine, and this will help to create good habits for the future. You should bear in mind that there may also be ways that they’d like to spend their free time, and both come to a compromise so that it’s realistic, attainable, and doesn’t lead to burnout.


Whether they enjoy them or not, the subjects that they do at school are compulsory, and completing homework for them is a requirement. This may take a little more convincing, using incentives and rewards. For example, you may award your child extra pocket money for completing their homework on time and to a good standard.

Sit with Them

If your child repeatedly forgets to hand in their homework and their teachers have expressed concern, it may be that they’re not understanding what they've been set. Sitting beside them whilst it's being completed can help you to make sure that it is actually getting done and gives you the chance to jump in and offer help where needed.

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