National Cat Day

Okay, It's time to fess up. I am a crazy cat lady. There I said it. Well if you know me you probably already knew that. My cats are my fur babies and there's not much I wouldn't do for them. 

 It's not just my cats though I am animal mad. I honestly think I care more about animals than I do my own kind. One of the main things both Nick and I want to teach our son is how to love, care and respect animals. I don't think that value is shown to many children these days and those children grow up thinking that animals and pets in general are property and play things rather than a living creature that depends on you. 

Seeing as it is National Cat Day I thought it would be fitting to write up this little post and share some of my favourite pictures of my boys with you. Enjoy!


  1. Awwwww super cute Jenna :) look how they are snuggling. I love animals too xx

  2. They're lovely and look like they adore each other. We have 2 girls but they stay out of each others way. Feel the same about teaching children respect for animals, so important! Did not know it was National cat, feel ashamed being a crazy cat lady too ;) x

  3. My parents have just got a couple of young cats - 10 minutes with them just wears me out, I don't know where their energy comes from.

  4. I am also crazy about Cats and I dont have a Ginger one so I adore these all the more! They are so photogenic! Boy cats are so loving arent they?