All about baby - Day 19 - All babies clothes

This isn't even half of it, it's ridiculous! This is a picture from a few weeks ago so his wardrobe looks a bit different now. The first third of the clothes no longer fit so are no longer in there. I have stored some and given some away. He now has more 3-6m vests, babygrows and outfits in there hung up. When we bought our nursery furniture we opted for the cotbed, wardrobe and changing unit bundle which is fab but I also wish we had bought the drawers as it would be a lot handier having his vests in drawers rather than hung up or in baskets. 


  1. Wow- that's a lot of clothes! :D x

  2. Dinosaur Roar! Cant beat dinosaurs on boys clothes, I think they look awesome! I can just see a sleeping bag on the right of the picture- is that your bedding of choice? We use them and have always found them brilliant for peace of mind during the night- knowing he isn't kicking his covers off & getting cold x

  3. Gosh that's a lot of clothes!