Mummy & Me - August

How has it been a month already? How are we at the end of August?! Time flies by even quicker when you have a child, it's crazy! We've had a nice August on a whole. The weather has been very hit and miss but we've been out and about lots. We love our family days out. 

Well anyway here are my favourite two photo's from August. I love the above photo because I think it's very natural but the second one, hurray! I have finally got a smile from him! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. You're so right about time flying when you have children! Lovely photos of you two! xx

  2. Two lovely photos especially love the one where he's cuddling you, argh it goes so so fast!! xx

  3. Gorgeous pics. Love the one of him showing his peggys! ♥

  4. Time really does fly! Lovely photos. x

  5. Cute photographs.

    Rachel. Craig