Mummy & Me - July

Another month, another Mummy & Me blog post! I love this linky so much as it's so easy to join in with and great to look back at. In fact it's my favourite linky and I wish more bloggers would partake too! I really like our photo for July although Noah wouldn't smile, not even after I bribed him with cake! I took this photo on the hottest day of the year which you can probably guess from the state of my hair, it doesn't do well in humidity, ha ha! 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Amazing photo
    Must have been too hot to smile

  2. I love this linky too, totally agree more should join in! Noah looks SO grown up in this picture! Can't believe how close our two are to turning 3! xx

  3. Your hair actually looks nice like that! Looks purposely messy :D

  4. Thank you for your lovely words, i'm so glad you love the linky as much as me. Love your selfies and can't wait for bump/baby to make an appearance. Thank you for joining in. X #mummyandme