My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

I'm now past the half way mark in my pregnancy and to say it's flown by is the understatement of the century. It feels like yesterday when we were
trying to conceive and were guessing the gender with old wives tales, but now here we are. Today I thought I'd put together a post of 10 things which have made my pregnancy easier, my top 10 pregnancy essentials.

1. Pregnancy Pillow
First up I have to mention a pregnant ladies best friend, the pregnancy pillow. In my first trimester I was sent the original Theraline pregnancy pillow to review and as soon as it arrived I had it out and was using it. I've tried a couple of different pregnancy pillows when I was expecting Noah but nothing compares to Theraline. It's essentially a big long pillow filled with thousands of microbeads. There are multiple ways in which you can use it but the best way for me it basically spoon the thing. I wedge the top half under my chin, the middle under my bump and have my legs wrapped around it too. It's the epitome of comfort and I couldn't be without it! I will continue to use it once the baby is here too as it's also designed for feeding.

2. Room Spray
This may sound like a strange one but in both of my pregnancies room sprays have been an essential for me for various reasons. In first trimester I found the floral and fruity scents from certain sprays eased my nausea and in second and third trimester the lavender and more musky scents help me sleep. I've stocked up on quite the collection of them this time.

3. Comfortable Shoes
A good pair of shoes are next on my list because I think they are extremely important when pregnant and are often overlooked. In my first pregnancy I worked long hours on my feet and didn't wear comfortable shoes and I really paid for it. I had early on swelling, pains in my ankle joints and it wasn't pleasant. This time around I've opted for sensible Womens Shoes and so far I've had no problems whatsoever. Hey, it's also another reason to treat ourselves to a new pair of shoes!  

4. Oranges

Oranges have made a strong appearance in both pregnancies as it's been a major craving both times. Jaffa oranges, tangerines, clementines, satsumas, fresh orange juice, fizzy orange, I can't enough! Not only do I get addicted to them but they helped ease my nausea too.

5. Hand Cream
My skin tends to change dramatically during pregnancy. My face for example can go dry yet oily but my arms, legs and hands in particular become quite dry and itchy. A decent hand cream such as the range of Crabtree & Evelynn works miracles and the scents are strong without being too overpowering. 

6. Bubble Baths
Now this is a no brainer of course but I can't get enough bubble baths. I'm not usually a bath person and much prefer a quick shower but when pregnant there's nothing better than taking a dip in a warm bubble bath at the end of a hectic day.

7. Cereal

It's strange how your likes and dislikes change when expecting. I usually like cereal but when I'm pregnant I wan't at least two bowls a day, with lashings of ice cold milk. I can't get enough of the stuff. I think I could live off oranges and cereal for the whole nine months.

8. Massages

As well as getting sensitive skin I also get ache's and pains which of course is totally normal. My partner has become pretty good at back and feet massages over the course of my pregnancies, I think I should start paying him for them! 

9. Ice Lollies
These were my best friend during first trimester, especially the citrus type. We had quite a few weeks of hot weather in those first few weeks too so it worked out perfectly. Sat in the garden in the sun with Noah, each with an ice lolly in hand. 

10. Sleep

Last but certainly not least it has got to be sleep. When I was pregnant with my firstborn I pretty much could nap or sleep whenever I wanted to, when I wasn't working that is. This time around it's not so easy with a toddler to chase around after and lots of blog work, house work and nursery runs to do. When I do get a good nap or a decent night sleep it does the world of good.

What are your pregnancy essentials?

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  1. I am pleased to see that you included comfortable shoes. As, as you mention feet can swell during pregnancy. I wonder if ideally women should get their feet measured during pregnancy. As I think we are so used to knowing and sticking to same shoe size for all our adult life. Yet there are times when our feet can be impacted upon due to increased weight e.g. During pregnancy. Also what about hormones :- Progesterone has an effect on the pelvis during pregnancy, maybe other joints are also loosened.

    We make use of our feet and maybe take them for granted. A nice massage, reflexology, rest, good fitting shoes can be beneficial for comfort and general foot health or so I have found. My working life was spent being on my feet majority of the day.

    Rachel Craig

  2. My neice loves her pregnancy pillow
    She said it's the only way she can get comfy

  3. Your Pregnancy Pillow sounds great. I wonder if it would be beneficial for individuals with arthritis etc. as some health conditions can make it difficult to get comfortable, and also get some good quality sleep.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Room Sprays, I do like nicely scented items. Some Essential Oils are really nice. Are you more sensitive to scents / aromas during pregnancy?

    Rachel Craig

  5. Cereal, I tend to like eating more cereal in winter. Somehow seems like a bit of a comfort food, as I find it filling and satisfying.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Room Spray is Nice Jenna when i was pregnant with my daughter I went mad on Yankee sprays I buy by the bottle Just have a fix of the fresh scent every day . when told my midwife she said was not good for the baby so I had to stop .x

  7. My last pregnancy was 9 years ago!!! and i still sleep with the pregnancy pillow.. cant sleep without it now lol x

  8. Sleep :- is a necessity in order to stay healthy. Rest helps if we have missed out in sleep. Activity is also good for us, and sufficient exercise can help us to later rest and sleep.. Getting the balance right isn't always easy.

    Nowadays I often hear of Sleep Hygiene, I suppose it is a way to ensure / encourage sleep :- By reducing distractions, stimuli etc so that rest is possible. Hopefully leading onto sleep. I certainly find that as the evening progresses I am keen for less noise, dimmed lighting (I find bright light uncomfortable, distracting in the evening). Quiet, peace, reduced lighting etc seem to help in winding down in preparation for bedtime.

    Rachel Craig

  9. Ice lollies are so Refreshing I find. Great for quenching thirst, as well as helping us to cool down on warm days.

    Rachel Craig

  10. Comfortable shoes are a necessity
    Find it so funny to see heavily pregnant women in high heels foing their weekly shop