Project 365 - Week 25/52

 18th June - 24th June

18th June 2017

19th June 2017

20th June 2017

21st June 2017

22nd June 2017

23rd June 2017

24th June 2017

Seriously, these weeks are flying by! We are halfway through the year already and Ava is 3 months old, well nearly four months now! I'm currently typing this one handed as she sleeps in my arms, it's pretty much how I do everything these days! This week has been good! We spent Sunday at one of our favourite places, Bowland Wild Boar Park. It was a beautiful warm day, not too hot and Noah had such an amazing time, just like he always does. Even Ava was happy to be pushed around in her carry cot staring at all the tree's. The rest of the week was back to our usual routine, which I mentioned last week has had a bit of a mix up recently as Noah now attends nursery every weekday afternoon. He absolutely loves it now and I think it's because he has so any friends there. He's always coming home and telling me the names of all the children he's been playing with, he's always making new friends and is so very sociable. My Mum visited on Wednesday, which was lovely as ever and we all enjoyed the warm weather whilst it was here.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. We had a nice trip to Inveraray. Weather was a bit changeable, but mainly dry and bright. Visited the Inveraray Jail, which was interesting, audio commentary machine helped make the visit worthwhile, informative,etc.

    Visited Mum today, she was delighted to show us all card she had received :- The newest addition to our family. Charlotte who was born in march. My cousin's grand-daughter. Reminded us of when Charlotte's mum was a baby, as she had the same chubby cheeks.

    Rachel Craig

  2. 21/06/2017 Nice photo of "Tummy Time".

    Rachel Craig

  3. 24/06/2017 Ava looks similar / like Noah, her brother. She looks like she has good muscle tone. Can recall trying to capture photo of six month old, he was on sofa. Had to support him with cushion, as he tended to slouch to one side. He grew up to be a healthy lad.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I bought some off the nuk lolly makers first time I took out of freezer isnapped it 😱

  5. They look like they had lots of fun, Ava seems to be enjoying her lolly, I tried Mollie with one last week as her 1st tooth is through and giving her trouble but she wasn't impressed xxx