Salty Dog Crisps

If there was one food I would choose to live off for the rest of my life it would possibly be crisps! I could eat about 10 bags in one sitting, I can not get enough! You know how people are wine snobs? Well I'm not. I am a crisp snob and I know a good crisp when I scoff one! When Salty Dog agreed to send me a selection of their crisps to review on my blog, I was very excited as any crisp monster would be! 

First of all I have to say I love the branding. It's not only original and quirky but It's a name that sticks in your head. Once you have seen it or read it you will always remember the name. You also can't go wrong when you feature a terrier on the packet! 

Salty Dog makes grrrrreat crisps, extremely tasty and full of flavour. Made from the highest quality potatoes which are hand cooked in sunflower oil for that extra crunch. To top it off they come in a selection of fantastic flavours, classics like Sea Salt and modern twists like Chicken Tikka Masala! There is a flavour for everyone. 

Not only do they make crisps, they have also recently introduced a range of nuts and posh popcorn into the mix. 

They kindly sent me Flame Grilled Steak, Ham and Wholegrain Mustard,  Strong Cheddar and Onion, Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt to sample. I have to say I loved them all! My favourite being the Flame Grilled steak. Not only were all the flavours delicious but I found them very satisfying. After one bag I was full, although I could of easily pigged out on three! 

Huge thumbs up from me. I will be looking for Salty Dog next time I go shopping and I suggest you do too!

Find them on twitter @saltygrrr

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Quality cakes from artisan bakers!

Who doesn't love cake? When I was offered the opportunity to review a Letterbox cake from Baker Days I couldn't wait!

Letterbox cakes are simple to personalise, simple to post and a joy to receive! Small enough to fit through your letterbox but large enough to celebrate the biggest celebrations.
From only £14.99 they are the perfect personalised treat for any occasion.

There is a letterbox cake for literally any occasion and if it isn't for an occasion then you can have a totally personalised cake of your choice. The options are endless.

After you have decided on your design, next up is the yummy part! 
You can choose from 5 different flavoured sponges; sponge cake, carrot cake, fruit cake, double chocolate chip cake and gluten and wheat free cake. For a basic sponge it costs no extra but if you want a different flavour sponge you have to pay an additional cost, albeit not much. 

All letterbox cakes come in a lovely tin case which not only protects and keeps your cake fresh in transit but also saves as a keep sake or can be reused! 

I got the chance to choose my own cake and design for the purpose of this review. I decided on using one of my own photo's for the design. I selected a picture of my cat on my leopard print sheets as I thought it would look good having a leopard print cake with my cat sat slap bang in the middle! But I was mistaken it didn't just look good it looked amazing! Almost too good to eat!  

Photo used.

Letterbox cake. 
Looks a bit brighter on this photo due to my silly iphone.

The cake serves 3-4 generous portions and is very filling! I chose the double choc chip sponge as I am a chocoholic! Sometimes chocolate cake can be dry and bland but I had none of those issues from Baker Days. It was possibly the nicest chocolate cake I've ever had! It was rich, moist and extremely tasty. 
I found the icing a bit too sweet and there was too much of it in comparison to the amount sponge. That is due to my taste as I'm not big on icing.  So I'd probably say more cake less icing but that is really nit picking as I simply adored it. 

Piece of cake anyone?

         Cake Tin - Just for you! 

Not only did the cake come with a keep sake tin but it also came with a few balloons, candles and a card! 

I was very impressed with the concept of Letterbox cakes, the service and best of all the cake itself! 

Huge thumbs up from me!   

Eye Candy Monday

After last night's shocking episode of Revenge I just had to post a picture of my TV husband Jack Porter! I am sure all you ladies will appreciate this picture. Nothing like a bit of eye candy to chase away the monday blues!

Win £20 to spend at Topshop

Due to having such lovely readers and followers I though I'd host another giveaway! This time you have the chance to win a £20 Topshop Giftcard! All you need to do to enter is to use the rafflecopter app below but please remember you need to be following Chic Geeky Diary for any of your entries to count! So remember to follow! Good luck! 

1. 1 winner of 1 £20 Topshop Giftcard.
2. Ends 17/3/13. 
3. Must be following the blog for any entries to be counted. 

Hello Lover

Perfumes are a weakness of mine and I have quite the budding collection. From high end scents to bargain smellies I'm not biased as I like to try them all. Not all expensive perfumes smell expensive and not all cheap scents smell cheap! So it's worth keeping an open mind when it comes to perfume. 

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Hello Lover over on twitter and after testing it today I just had to blog about it! I simply loved it that much.

Hello Lover is another fragrance from the Sex and the City collection. It is a sexy yet flirty scent and is perfect for everyday wear but is also strong enough to pull off as an evening scent.

Top notes; Mandarin Orange, Litchi, Pink Pepper.

Middle notes; Rose, Honeysuckle, Peony. 

Base notes; Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla. 

The bottle is just as gorgeous as the perfume itself. In the brightest pink imaginable it is hard to miss and the diamond style lid add's a touch of glamour to all the pinkness! 

Hello Lover is perfect for ladies like me who like sweet floral scents and if you are a SATC addict also like me then it's a total win win!

Believe it or not you can buy it for just £10 a bottle from Wilkinson's!
Go on treat yourself!

Nākd Wholefoods

Like me you have probably heard about the well known and well loved Nākd bars. I had heard a lot about them but had not actually tried them myself. 

When I was sent a selection to try out and test on my blog I didn't know what to expect but did have high expectations! 

Nākd bars are a product range from Natural Balance Foods. They are made from 100% natural ingredients with no hidden nasties. A mix of raw fruits and nuts with no added sugar or syrups. They are also wheat and gluten free and even count as 1 of your 5 a day! They are very soft, chewy, filling and extremely tasty. 

Healthy - check. Filling - check. Tasty - check..  I think they should rename them Super Bars as they really tick every box! 

I was sent the Rhubarb and Custard, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Banana Bred variety to review on Chic Geek Diary. 

My favourite was the Banana Bread which is part of the Nākd Nibble Range. I know Banana isn't for everyone but it is definitely for me! I love anything with banana and the Banana Bread Nākd bar did not disappoint. Bursting with banana with a hint of walnut and cinnamon, they are delicious and it's no wonder they are a firm favourite within the Nākd community. 

My second favourite had to be the Pecan Pie!  A combination of pecans,  dates and almonds. The flavour and texture is a winning combination.  Along with a banana in the morning the Pecan Pie bar had me full up till lunch!  

I also enjoyed the Apple Pie! Made from real apples, dates, raisins and a nutty blend of peanuts, almonds and walnuts. It is sweet and satisfying with an oaty texture. Another bar which is ideal for a snack on the go. 

Next was the Rhubarb and Custard. This is the newest flavour in the Nākd range and again it's another thumbs up from me! The smooth taste of the custard against the sweetness of the rhubarb was genius. It tasted more like a desert than a cereal bar! If you have a sweet tooth like me then this one is for you. 

The Nākd Bars are a winner here on Chic Geek Diary and I wouldn't hesitate to buy them the next time I go shopping. They are perfect for when you want something sweet to eat but want something that is healthy. Which is your favourite? 


Happy Valentines day!!
I'm an hour late but better late than never!

Nick and I don't tend to make a big deal about Valentines. We didn't see each other during the day or in the morning as we were both at work, boo. But in the evening we had the M&S dine in for two, swapped pressies; lots of chocolates, teddies and a bell involved? Then just had a relaxing evening. Very low key. 

Here is a silly shot of us from tonight. We can never be serious. 

Even Teddy was feeling the love today being all cute rolling around on a towel. He looks like he is telling me to stop Pappin' him! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines whatever mischief you got up to! 

Sexy Penguin

Today I thought I would post a little something about a lovely brand I stumbled across lately over on Twitter. 

Sexy Penguin specialise in hand customised, reworked clothing. Focusing on studs, spikes and sparkles!
From high waisted shorts, to converse, to denim jackets, they stock it all. Got an old piece of clothing that's tired, old and boring? Well they'll stud it up! 

 I was lucky enough to win a Geek Tee from their range of on trend tee's. I'm a self confessed geek and I love the Letterman style so I was bound to love it even before it arrived. The tee is made out of very soft and high quality material. It features big, bold lettering across the front with contrasting studs on the shoulders. They come in two different colours; black and white. I won the black version and I was glad I didn't have to choose what colour because I wouldn't be able to chose out the two. They are on special offer at the moment at just a tenner a pop so why not buy one of each?! 

What do you think? What item's of clothing in your wardrobe would you like to see all pimped out Sexy Penguin style? 

Find those Sexy Penguins here, here and here: 
Twitter: @SexyPenguin3

Dorset Cereals - Porridge

As I have mentioned in a
previous post Dorset Cereals were kind enough to send me a wide range of their products to review on Chic Geek Diary. They sent me such a variety that I decided to do a lot of separate reviews. Today I am going to review their range of Porridge! 

I've always been on the fence when it comes to porridge. Not necessarily liking it or hating it. So I was a blank canvas when sampling their range.

They come in three totally contrasting flavours. Proper Porridge, Proper Raspberry and Proper Gingerbread.

Proper Porridge is a blend of jumbo oats, creamy barley and nothing artificial. Proper Porridge is great because you can tailor it to your taste. I added honey to mine which gave it that extra special something. People always say porridge is a bland and boring breakfast which it could be if you don't experiment with it! Throw in some blueberries or some choc chips! Mix it up a bit. The choices are endless. 

Proper Gingerbread is a lovely blend of jumbo oats, creamy barley and real gingerbread pieces. I couldn't wait to try the Gingerbread variety as I had never tried it before and thought it sounded heavenly. I was not disappointed! I found I didn't need to add any sugar as it was sweet enough for me with the gingerbread chunks. It's simply the perfect breakfast for these cold dark mornings and this sweet treat gives you that pick me up that you need first thing in the morning. 

Proper Raspberry combines a blend of those jumbo oats and barley, mixed with zingy and sweet real raspberries. I was a bit sceptical with this one but it was pleasant enough! I did enjoy it but if I had the choice of buying the three at the supermarket then I would go for the previous two rather than the Raspberry. Just my personal taste as I prefer rich flavours rather than tangy. 

I really enjoyed all three. The only gripe I have is that as handy as the separate serving sachets are, there is not enough in one serving and if you open two packets then that is too much. I think the one sachet is perfect sized for children but not in this house with two tall residents with big bellies. 

Having tried the range I would buy Proper Porridge and Proper Gingerbread again. It is certainly worth paying £2.49 for a box as the quality is second to none when it comes to other porridge.

Overall I really enjoyed Dorset Cereal's range of Porridge and I am no longer sitting on that porridge fence! 

American TV Crushes

I don't know if I have ever mentioned on the blog my infatuation with American TV before? If I haven't I will now; I love American TV!!! Cannot get enough of it from Dexter to Pretty Little Liars to The Walking Dead I simply want to watch it all! 

I don't know whether it's due to the fact that every little day to day event is so overly dramatised, that there seems to be some sort of high school party every night or that everything is always so far fetched. One thing I know for sure is that there is some serious hot totty on American TV! Cor blimey! Perhaps that is apart of why I love it so much. Ha ha. 

It's late night on a sunday and I've had a glass of white but I thought Chic Geek Diary could do with a little eye candy! 

Captain Jack Porter! 

Aye aye captain!
I think he is the main reason I tune in to Revenge.
Marry me?

A girl can dream! 
(And hope the other half doesn't read this post!)

Do you have any TV crushes and if you do who are they? 

Dorset Cereals - Granola & Fruit Bars

We are huge cereal lovers in this house so when Dorset Cereals offered to send me a selection of their products to review on my blog I nearly bit their hand off! After a day or two of friendly correspondence with the company a large package arrived! 

Due to the generous volume of all the different products that were sent I decided to do numerous different reviews. 

Today I am writing all about Dorset Cereals delicious fruit and granola bars.

I tend to be in a rush first thing in the morning and most morning's I don't have time for breakfast. As a rule I tend to just have to grab something to go. I have tried so many different types of breakfast bars but had never tried Dorset Cereal's range prior to this review. 

I found these very moreish. I could of eaten all three in one sitting. Made from 42% of fruit and nuts. A delicious mix of wheat and oats with dates, pecans and hazelnuts. They had a lovely texture and were very satisfying. I really enjoyed them with a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

My better half offered to be the tester for this variety. I say offered, when I came home from work he had already devoured two! That can only be a good sign as he rarely touches any sort of breakfast bars. He found them sublime (his words not mine!) He said the combination of oats, chocolate and macadamia nuts is a winning combination and could not get enough.

Cranberries, Mango and Raspberries bars:
The fruit variety was probably my least favourite flavour but I found them delicious none the less. I found the combination of wheat and oats against the sweet and sour of the cranberries, mango and raspberries to be extremely light and refreshing.  

Last but not least is my favourite from the range the Honey granola bars. As a lover of honey and nuts this was a winner for me even before I opened the packet! I've had similar products before that are jammed packed full of nuts and they have been tough and hard to chew but these were so soft and tasty without any compromise.

I adored all four combinations and I would buy the Dark Chocolate and Macadamia and Honey Granola bars again in a heartbeat. Even though they are a little bit more expensive than regular granola/fruit bars you get what you pay for and it is certainly worth paying that little bit extra.
You have to treat yourself now and again!

Squashies Review & Competition

Does anyone else feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia when they remember way back when they were kids, taking a trip to the corner shop to buy sweets? I do! I don't think anything made me happier than 30p of pick and mix back when I was a child!   

Introducing Squashies! The ever popular Swizzels Matlow have come up with the brilliant idea of revamping our favourite classic sweets. They have turned the retro versions of Drumsticks, Double Lollies, Refreshers and Love Hearts into fun, squishy, gum form! Which makes them perfect for kids and adults alike whether you are sitting down to watch a movie or after a sweet pick me up after a long day at work! 

Squashies contain no artificial colours and are packed full with mouthwatering quirky flavours. My personal favourite were the Refreshers as they reminded me so much of the classic version. Although I enjoyed them all as I have a massive sweet tooth! The Double Lollies variety was my least favourite. I was never a fan of Double Lollies growing up but I actually preferred the gummy version. It was great to take a trip down memory lane with Swizzels Matlow too. 

You can find them at your local ASDA, Sainsbury's or the Co-op.
RRP: £1.49 for 160g and 45p for a 45g mini packet. 

If you would like more info or would like to download the new fun game Squashies World App for free all you need to do is click here

For a lovely Valentines day treat Swizzels Matlow have kindly offered to supply the full range of Squashies to one of my lucky blog readers!
That includes 1 packet of each variety.
To enter all you need to do is enter on the rafflecopter below!
Good luck!

1 winner to receive a pack of each of the Squashies range.
Prize supplied by Swizzels Matlow.
Competition runs from 7/2/13 till 14/2/13.
You must be following the blog to qualify.  

Classic Carrie Bradshaw

As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going. -CB