My Pregnancy Essentials

Personally I think I have had a fairy easy and straight forward pregnancy so far. I haven't had any health issues or even any morning sickness. I am so thankful for that and I feel for the people who have had it harder than me. That being said I have had occasions I have found difficult, the easiest of tasks can become daunting and I am always worrying about something. There have been things which have made those times easier for me or have lifted my spirits. I decided to write a post dedicated just to them! 

Orange Juice 

At the start of my pregnancy I really suffered with nausea. I found that having a glass of good old OJ really helped especially when drunk in the morning. It also gave me the energy kick I needed and it felt good giving baby and I a great source of Vitamin C. At times I went through a litre of the stuff a day as it eventually developed into a major craving. As my pregnancy progressed I seemed to wean myself off the orange stuff as it began giving me terrible heartburn.

Walkers Crisp

I bet you are thinking this is some sort of mistake but believe me Walkers crisp have been invaluable to me during this pregnancy! As I stated above I really struggled with nausea at the beginning of my pregnancy and at one point all I could stomach was potatoes and Walkers crisps! A bag of Ready Salted would not only curb my hunger but seemed to magically make my nausea go away. I have always been a crispaholic and my pregnancy seemed to multiply then tenfold! (Hello cellulite!) 

Sleep Mist

All of  the Cussons Mum & Me products, from bubble bath to stretch mark cream are fabulous but I found that the sleep mist to be the most helpful to me. I've been through times where I have found it hard to drift off to sleep and a quick spray on my pillows and bedding really helps me feel relaxed and in no time I will be dozing off. I think I will be buying this product for years.

Baby Bump App

This is the perfect app for any expectant mothers. I downloaded a dozen apps when I first found out I was pregnant and this one is by far the best. I have used it daily. Not only is it simply the best but it has everything you need all in one place. It keeps a track of how far along you are, how long you have left. Daily tips on your pregnancy as you progresses. Weekly updates on your babies and your bodies development and much much more. Recommend this one to all pregnant mummies out there. 

Not just for helping with nausea but for also helping with feeling lethargic. Eating lots of fruit gave me energy when I needed it most and generally made me feel healthier in myself. I have always been big on eating fruit but again my pregnancy seemed to enhance that and it was one of my major cravings. When you crave healthy food you have to make the most of it cause the next week you could be craving tinned hot dogs like I was! Yuck! 

Maternity Clothes

Before I was pregnant frumpy and fugly came to mind when I imagined Maternity clothes. I also worried about the price and thought that I would just give the whole thing a miss! Safe to say I am converted. I was pleasantly surprised of the ranges of maternity clothes I have found on line and in stores. Particularly Topshop, New Look and ASOS. I have found super stylish yet comfortable clothes at extremely affordable prices. Money well spent in my eyes. 


Bit of a no brainer but sleep! I napped wherever and whenever I could. Nothing helped more than a little cat nap here and there. A novelty that us parents need to make the most of before our little bundle of joys arrive!

There's plenty more I could add and I probably will update as I go but these random things have been a blessing during my pregnancy! 


  1. Ready salted french fries were my lifesaver when I had hyperemesis! X

    1. Oh I could just have a bag of those. Have you ever dipped ready salted crisps into philly cheese? Heaven! x

  2. Prawn Cocktail crisps are my biggest cravings haha lovely post I agree with all of it ha ha

  3. I lived on fruit for the first trimester as it really helped my morning sickness but i couldnt drink OJ towards the end as it gave me awful heartburn.

    Yay for new layout looks fab x

    1. Snap! I have been exactly the same. Really suffered with heartburn in second tri but past week it seems to have subsided!

      Thanks Sarah x

  4. Ooh I like the sound of the sleep mist! X

    1. It's great! Smells divine and refreshes your pillows too! x

  5. great post! love that maternity dress and its true orange juice is fantastic!

    Have a happy Monday!

    1. Thank you! Great taste! In dress and OJ :P

      Going to follow your blog now :)

  6. Thanks for this post. Get familiar also with this sms tracker.