Baby Diary: 2 Months Old

Today you have turned two months old! We have spent the day cuddling up to one another on the sofa and I have loved every second, just as I have enjoyed every second since you entered the world. You have really come into your own this month, it's been incredible watching you learn and develop. You now recognise Mummy and Daddy and love to babble and smile at us, nothing makes me happier.  

I said it on your one month update and I will say it again, you are such a little character! You are such a Mummies boy already, which I love! Your character reminds me a lot of my own. You know your own mind and can be really impatient, especially when it comes to feeding time! As much as you love to be held you have become more independent this month too and we can actually set you down in your swing or on the sofa without you screaming the house down. You can actually lay there and entertain yourself, it's great! You are becoming so vocal and a real cheeky chappy.

You now weigh 12lb 11oz are currently wearing 0-3 month clothes and the majority of them fit you perfectly now, some with a little more room to grow. The issue with most sleepsuits though is that you have rather long feet so we do tend to have to stretch the feet sometimes. You are becoming such a big boy. 

Other than the occasional trapped wind and runny nappies you have been great. Recently the trapped wind and belly ache has reared it's ugly head again. You get such bad trapped wind that you end up hysterical but nothing a bit of gripe water, cooled boiled water and a tummy rub doesn't fix.

You still absolutely love your milk! When you are feeding people always comment on how much you are enjoying it and that they have never seen a baby guzzle like it! We did switch onto hungry baby milk and it agreed with you but after a few weeks of consideration we switched back to regular Cow and Gate so we have hungry baby milk to move onto further down the line if you need it. Otherwise we would of had to move onto solids early if milk wasn't satisfying you anymore. You now drink 5oz every 3 hours during the day and have 6oz at bedtime which usually sets you through the night.

Although you still don't settle until 1am in the morning your sleep has improved tenfold this month! You now take frequent naps throughout the day which is brilliant because it makes you a much more content baby. We have also cracked the moses basket situation and you are more than happy enough to sleep in it through the night and through the night. I mean that you sleep for a full 6/7 hours in it without waking! You then wake for a feed and then have a few more hours kip. Because you are only settling at 1am you do sleep until lunch so we are trying out best to get our times better but if we try settle you any earlier than midnight you scream the house down. I think we just have a night owl on our hands. 

- Smiles. Proper social smiles! You love to give Mummy lots of smiles, from little smirks to big gummy grins. Each one you give to me melts my heart! So amazing.

- Lifting your head. You started lifting your head at an early age but you are still mastering the art. You can hold it up for long periods of time but you are still a little wobbly.

- Becoming alert. Again you have always been alert but this month you don't miss a beat. You now turn your head not only to different things that you see but to different things that you hear too. You have also discovered the TV and like to lie on the sofa and gaze at it in amazement. You now recognise Mummy and Daddy and chat and smile the most to us. 

- Vocal. You are so chatty! From eyy's to iyya's to cooo's you come out with some real noises and love chatting to everyone and anyone. You have such a lovely sounding voice, it's so adorable. Your favourite time to chat is after a nappy change. 

- Touch. You are still mastering the art of touch. You can grasp and pull but you aren't grabbing your toys as of yet. I have caught you pulling your dummy out and you bash your toys but you are still learning. 

Things you like

- Milk! You still love your milk!

- TV. You have discovered the TV this month and your favourite show is Spongebob Squarepants! You lie on the sofa and watch TV. It's hilarious.

- Going Tata's. You love being out about in the car, pram and going shopping. You love it even though you sleep the entire time.

- Baths. You absolutely love being bathed. You have a big smile on your face the entire time and have a real kick around. I can't wait to take you swimming.

- Sitting in your chair. You now don't mind being sat down and put down where as last month you would scream the house down. This makes my life so much easier.

- Laying on my chest. You still love sleeping on my chest and I am enjoying every moment while I can.

- Sitting up. You can't sit up on your own of course but you love sitting back on the sofa. You like acting like a big boy!

- Music. I recently started playing music to you and you really enjoy sitting their and taking it all in.

- Late nights. No matter what we do to try and make you sleep earlier you prefer to stay awake until the early hours.

- Moses basket - You now love sleeping in your moses basket.

- Blankey - You love your blankey against your face, it really helps you to doze off.

- Your Dummy - I sucked my finger growing up and didn't want you to suck your thumb so encouraged you to take a dummy as we will be able to take that away from you when the time comes. We also struggled getting you to sleep and found a dummy helped. We only give it to you when you are unhappy or when you are going to sleep. 

Things you don't like

- Being put down. You like a lot of attention!

- Waiting for a bottle. When you are hungry you want a bottle there and then. 

- Early nights. Like I said you like staying awake until the early hours. 

- Getting dressed. You still really hate being dressed and normally protest. 

- Being winded. You still fight being winded. 

It's been incredible watching you grow this month as you have grown and developed so much. Everytime you smile or coo it gives me goosebumps and I love you more and more each day.


  1. Awww so cute :) amazing how quickly they change in a space of a month! Such a cute little smile <3

  2. I cannot believe it's been 2 months already! x