Before and After Labour - What I didn't know.

It has now been ten weeks since I gave birth. When I look back on going into my induction and labour I was very naive. I thought I knew what I was getting myself in for but I didn't really do my research. Even researching you can never prepare yourself for what is about to come. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way.

I didn't realise that the induction process would take so long. People had warned me but I went in hospital on the Saturday morning thinking I would be bringing my baby home Sunday night. If only. My induction took three long and painful days. By the time I was finally in active labour I was already exhausted from my time in hospital. Thankfully my labour was quick, moderately easy and only took 6 hours.

I hyped labour up so much that personally it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I was high on gas and air and think I would of managed just on that if it wasn't for Noah back to back. I felt so much pressure in my back and it got worse and worse as he got lower. It felt like my back was breaking. Thankfully I opted for diamorphine and it instantly took my back pain away. I was then able to sit down for the first time in 6 hours and I actually gave birth led on my back, in stirrups! Never thought I would of birthed that way.

It takes a lot longer than you imagine. I was pushing for 45 minutes which isn't that long really but when you are there pushing with all your might it feels like a lifetime especially as they portray it as a quick and easy job in the movies. I didn't find it painful but it was extremely exhausting. I ended up bursting lots of blood vessels in my face, arms, chest and legs as I was pushing so hard. I looked like I was covered in freckles! I kept asking if I was doing it right and my midwives would laugh and say yes!

For me the recovery period was more painful than the labour itself. I didn't realise how sore I would be and that to me is plain dumb! You push a baby out of there of course you are going to be in agony! I was physically and mentally drained from the whole experience. My body felt like it has run around the world and back, every part of me ached. I only had minor stitches but I was so sore and struggled to sit down for about a week afterwards. I remember sitting in countless salt baths and cringing every time I imagined the stitches. I'm such a wimp, I never even took a look either. In hindsight I wished I'd prepared a bit more of labour and learning how to perform a simple perineal massage can help and prevent some tearing.

When I look back at my labour I am pleased by how it went. I would change a lot of things but I am glad I managed okay and that my baby was healthy. I just so wish that I didn't have to be induced and I had gone into labour naturally. I hope one day I get to experience it and be as natural as I possibly can. 

How was your labour experience? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I love reading people's labour stories because I didn't go through labour myself. It's an experience you will remember forever. Not that I don't remember mine just I had a csection so was very different. I did however get to go on gas and air when I had an ECV. Lovely honesty :) x

    1. Csections frighten the pants of me, I respect every Mother who has to go through one. Thanks for the comment. x

  2. Thank you for sharing with us, im due in June and still trying but failing to prepare myself for the worse as no matter ho many One Born Every Minute i watch i still dont know how hard and painful it could be.. you mentioned you were sore after birth did you take any tablets or anything?

    1. Thank you. I took strong paracetamol's after the birth but nothing else. I found lots of salt baths helped xx

  3. I admire how honest you are hun, there are too many blogs out there that sugar coat everything and make labour and birth seem easy. I've just written my birth story, it was 38hrs long so it's in two parts. It can be found at if you fancy having a read.
    Lots of love to you and Noah, I hope you're doing well xx