He's crawling.... and he's standing!

To say that Noah is a lazy baby is one big understatement. Where as he is quick to learn new things like how to clap, wave, dance, point and kiss, he is very lazy when it comes to anything physical. He always has been.

I feel a lot of it is down to me because I never gave him enough floor time and would always have him on my knee or snuggled up in my arms. We had been living in a house that was almost fully wood and tile floors so I didn't feel comfortable putting him down for long. Even with a padded play mat it was still a hard surface and I was a bit over protective. 

In the past two weeks Noah has come on leaps and bounds, it's like something has clicked into place. He is now crawling! At long last! I wouldn't necessarily call it a crawl as it's pretty much one of a kind. It's more like a backwards shimmy cross between a bum shuffle? It may not be a normal crawl but it certainly gets him from A to B and it's extremely cute to watch. 

Not only that but in the same week he has also learnt how to pull himself onto his feet from the sitting and kneeling position. The first time he did it we were both in his new nursery and he was kneeling against his baby walker. He then pulled himself up and got onto his feet! I was clapping and squealing "clever boy!" You should of seen the look and the smile on his face, it was priceless! 

Balance wise when he is against something it's perfect and he can stand there for a good 15 minutes at a time. His balance is a work in progress when he stands unaided but we are getting there and practice daily. He will walk a little when holding onto your fingers and when he has a sudden burst of bravery he will let go to see how he fares! He pretty much wants to stand up all the time now and if he's not on his feet he's shimming over to climb all over you! 

It feels like he has learnt so much all at once and it's really hard to keep up with him. I think moving into the new house has really helped with his confidence as he has been able to spend a lot more time on the floor. What with us having lots of carpeted rooms and with every room being virtually baby proof (lack of furniture!) 

I'm immensely proud of him and I know one person who is even more proud and that's Noah himself. When he puts his new skills into action you can see the sense of pride and happiness on his face. 

Babies are marvelous aren't they?! 


  1. aww fantastic hun,my little lady was the same,was more she wouldn't do it until she really could do it straight away somehow,same with walking. Such a proud boy (and mummy n daddy!!) cherish the memories and take some videos,believe me it will be hard to recall!! msedollyp x

  2. Well done gorgeous boy! The fun really begins now, they're little daredevils after they learn to stand haha xx