Review: Curved Table Lamp from Litecraft

You should all know this by now because I've been droning on about it for months but here I go again in case you missed it. We recently bought and renovated our very first home - hurrah!

With all the renovating, dust, DIY and decorating now out of the way it's now time for the fun part, dressing the house! I do find it hard to visualise what I want when it comes to decor and often find inspiration online and in stores. 
I've found it especially daunting this time around as we have redecorated every room in the house and started from scratch. I don't know what I would of done without Google, it's amazing what a quick search can do. 

When Litecraft contacted me asking if I would like to review one of their lamps it literally couldn't of come at a better time. 
I was given a selection of lamps to choose from and it did take me a while to decide. I could of easily picked the lot because they were all stunning!  

Litecraft sell a vast 
range of different products from LED light bulbs to table lamps to chandeliers! But don't be fooled by their name because if you aren't on the market for new lights then you should know that they also stock multiple home decor staples such as throws, bed linen and curtains too.

We received the lamp a while back now and I have been itching to use it in our new home. I wanted to unpack it when we were in the new house as I didn't want it to be damaged in the move or get dusty at the house while we renovated. 

I knew which room the lamp would really shine in (pun intended) and that room was our living room. We have gone for neutral tones throughout the house and the living area is probably one of the room's which will showcase it best. 

The lamp is the perfect size for using as a beside lamp or table lamp, not too big or too small. I mention this because I often find a lot of side lamps are too small and I like a lamp to be bigger as I like them to be a focal point in the room.

I love the design of the lamp, it's just the right amount of modern for me as I'm not really a fan of overly modern decor and furniture. The design isn't just aesthetically pleasing as it's also practical too. The base and curved neck of the lamp are very well made and sturdy.

Last but not least I will go to my favourite feature, the shade. I love it's shape and I feel it's bang on trend at the moment. With the colour of the shade being a mushroom colour when the lamp is on it gives off a atmospheric warm glow. I feel like I could have the lamp in any room in the house and it would look equally as nice. 

It's always great to collaborate with new brands and Litecraft have been a joy to work with. So much so I
 wouldn't think twice about recommending them to a friend and wouldn't hesitate in buying from them in the future. 

But for now I'm going to be spending many Autumnal evenings curled up on the sofa, enjoying our new home with the warm glow of our lovely Litecraft lamp. Bliss. 

I was sent the lamp for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. oooooh i do love this lamp, very modern indeed! great review hun #triedtested xx

  2. We'll be moving into our new house early next year, your blog has inspired me to start my own.. :)

  3. Wow - love this lamp and it looks great on your table. I will definitely check this shop out!