Baby Diary: 12 Months Old

Oh my word. You are now 1, one year old, 365 days old! How did that happen? How did this year go so fast? It was your birthday on the 12th but I still haven't come to terms with it. 

You are still that ever so funny and cheeky boy. You are generally always happy and smiling unless you are teething or having a rare grumpy day. You absolutely love to make people smile and laugh. When you discover something that makes us giggle you will do it over and over again, it's really sweet. You are a very smart boy who is quick to learn anything mentally. All the positive traits aside you are still very strong minded and quick tempered at times, you know what you want and how to get it.

You haven't been weighed recently but this month I feel like you have really bulked out and have gotten a lot taller. Although you don't have much fat on you, you are solid and weigh a ton. You are still wearing size 4 nappies and have size 3 feet. You are still wearing 9-12m in most clothing but I don't think it will be long until we are moving up into the 12-18m sizing in trousers and babygrows. 

You have had a bad month when it comes to your health as it's been one little thing after another. You've had bouts of colds, viral infections, rashes, constipation, swollen lymph nodes and have been teething too. We had to take you to A&E for the rash because it was worrying us a little but it turned out to be a side effect from a viral infection. Then a week later we noticed a lump on your neck and I almost fainted with panic. After a quick google we felt better as swollen lymph nodes are common in infants especially after viral infections. We took you to the GP to make sure and he confirmed what we had read and told us to keep an eye on it. You still have the lump at the moment but if it's not gone by the end of November we are to take you back.

Teething has been a big issue for us this month and you hadn't been handling the pain very well. I feel so sorry for you. It wasn't all pain no gain though because you finally cut your first tooth (at 11 months) and then the second came through a few days later. So now at 12 months old you have your two bottom teeth, very cute!

You now drink cows milk and absolutely love the stuff. You drink more cows milk than you ever did formula. You now have 3x 7oz bottles of cows milk a day which is 6oz more a day than you took with formula! I have found that the cows milk can make your stools hard if you don't drink an adequate amount of water. You drink roughly 7oz of water a day are are usually good with it but it all depends on how you are feeling, sometimes we need to encourage you to drink it and other days you guzzle it. 

You have three meals a day in between the bottles and pretty much eat whatever we are having. You tried curry for the first time this month and really enjoyed it. It had hardly any spice in it and was full of vegetables so it was no surprise that you wolfed it down. 

Last month we thought we had finally cracked the whole sleeping and napping malarkey and sang from the rafters about it. You have always slept well through the night with the occasional wake up for your dummy but that's the only issue we have had. Towards the end of this month both napping and sleeping has been very hit and miss and we think it's all down to teething and the leap you are currently going through.

Last month we could simply lay you down in your cot for your nap but lately when we put you down you cry, especially when I leave the room. I have resorted to letting you cry a minute or two when this happens and you usually self settle. If you don't I go in and comfort you without taking you out of the cot. I am hoping we can get back to normal when this leap is through.  


- You turned ONE! Obviously! I still cannot believe it!

- You finally have teeth! You cut your first tooth two weeks before your first birthday and then the second one a few days later. Now at 1 year old you have your bottom two teeth and they are very cute.

- Crawling. You finally mastered the bum shuffle last month but this month you started crawling in the normal fashion.

- Cruising. You can now pull yourself up onto furniture and cruise along it. You are still a little wobbly at times but you are figuring it out very quickly.

- Walking with your push along walker. We hadn't practice much with this so when you toddled off with it suddenly we were very shocked!

- You walk well with our fingers so I think you COULD be walking by Christmas. We will have to wait and see. 

- Balancing. When you are walking with your walker or stood up against something you like to push back and test your balance. 

- Pulling up. You now pull yourself up on anything and everything.

- Round and round the garden. Your Nanna taught you the song round and round the garden and when someone sings it you draw a circle on your palm with your finger, very sweet. 

- Feeding. You now drink full fat cows milk and love it. We also ditched the steriliser at the same time and have had no issues. 

- Understanding. You started cuddling and kissing a few months back but if we ask for a love or a cuddle then you will give us one. If I say "night night" you put your head down and pretend to go to sleep. It's crazy how much you actually know and you baffle us on a daily basis. 

Things you like

- Dancing. Whenever you hear any sort of music you bob along to it. You can be crawling, standing, sitting or laying down and you will still manage to bust a move no matter what position you are in.

- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, still obsessed with the hotdog song. You have also taken a real liking to Jake and The Neverland Pirates too. 

- Climbing. You are so happier now you are mobile and your favourite thing to do is to pull yourself up on things and you are attempting to climb. 

- The laptop. You are infatuated with gadgets but this month you have been fixated with the laptop. So much so that I am unable to go on it when you are in the same room because you will stop whatever you are doing, crawl over and bash all the keys! 

- Ted. You love our cats but your favourite is Teddy and you are ever so good and gentle with him. It's very endearing to watch. 

- The remotes. You are happy to sit on the floor for ages with a remote in both hand. You know how to turn the channel over and will point the remote directly at the TV and laugh when it turns over. 

 - Fruit. Ever the fruit bat! 

Things you don't like

Napping. This month you have gone backwards and have started crying when you go down for a nap.

When Daddy leaves the room. Once Dad is home from work you just want to be with him so when he leaves the room you cry your eyes out like you think he's going back to work. 

Being spoon fed. You eat the majority of food yourself and you are practicing using the spoon but there are some occasions when I need to spoonfeed you and you really fight it! 


  1. I can't believe how grown up he is looking! I just love his hair! xx

  2. He is adorable with his blonde locks and dark eyes! He is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up!

    1. He has blue eyes but sometimes they look really dark in photos! I was hoping they would be brown like mine when he was little but they went blue like his Daddy's. Boo!

      Thanks Tracy x

  3. So grown Up now, I can't believe he's one already! Indiana is obsessed with the laptop too haha. I love his gorgeous curls! Xx