Loving the little things - 2/52 - #littleloves

It's that time of the week, it's time to link up with one of my favourite linkies, Little Loves. Here are my little loves for the past week.

Read - No books for me this week but I am itching to get my nose stuck into a good story. I'm really struggling to find the time as I stay up way too late blogging as it is. Why aren't there more hours in the day?
I have been having my reading fix through my favourite blogs though and a post that really reached out to me this week was this post from Emma over at Me, The Man and the Baby. I hope she finds some answers soon but while she waits she should take comfort in knowing that D couldn't of asked for better parents, they are amazing.

Watched - I'm still totally hooked on Justified which is a drama set in southern America. How can you not love a southern accent, wannabe cowboys and Timothy Olyphant? I have almost caught up and at the end of season five so I will be up to date when the final series starts at the end of January. Don't you just hate it when you discover a new show, become addicted, have numerous marathons and then realise it's on it's last season. It happens to me all the time. (One of the lead actresses on the show actually fav'd one of my tweets on twitter this week - amazing that cast members actually search their show and read the tweets!)

Wore - I've had a pretty lazy week as it's been far too cold to venture outside very often. I've been taking advantage of being able to lounge around not only in my comfy oversize jumpers and jeggings but in a pair of Nick's PJ's that he was bought for Christmas. I received a pair myself but naturally his are comfier and well he isn't going to wear them! What's yours is mine and what mine is my own and all that jazz! Ha ha. 

Heard - Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake. Noah learnt a new word and is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. If I dare watch anything else on TV he will find the remote and point it into my face until I turn it back on for him. I swear I am having nightmares of that theme tune.. 

"Just off the shores of Neverland a hideaway at sea! Yo ho! Yo ho! Lets go!"

Made - Art! Well Noah did, sort of. Noah has only ever used paints once before so when I spotted his finger paints in one of the boxes from the move I just had to get them out. He wasn't too keen on getting the paint on his hands and did grimace a lot so I had to encourage him, He did loosen up a bit eventually and I shot a video of him having a good old chat about his painting, pointing at all the blobs and smears. He did have more fun trying to wipe the paint off his tray with the paper though to be honest. We are going to make more time for messy play that's for sure. 

And lastly - I gave the blog a makeover! Did you notice? Do you like it? I was tired of the old design and wanted a more basic yet professional looking theme. I'm really happy with it considering I did it myself and I had no clue what I was doing!

Well, that's it for now, see you next week!  


  1. Loving your blog makeover! It should be easy to update every so often too :) I think that Noah and LP's TV viewing is following after each other, first Mickey Mouse and now Jake! LP is obsessed! Love that a TV star favorited your tweet too :) x

  2. What a cutie pie-pie!
    Your refresh looks good, really clean.

  3. I love the new look blog, very elegant. My little boy is a Jake fan too, it feels like the Disney Channel is permanently on in our house at the minute!
    Jo (Not A Frumpy Mum) xx

  4. Gotta love kids art...oh jumpers and PJs, perfect attire for this weather! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  5. Your blog looks lovely Jen, you've done a great job. I've not seen Justified, I'll defo be taking a look for it though, sounds really good. Thanks for linking up, have a great week! xx