LeapFrog Roll and Go Rocking Horse - Review

LeapFrog is possibly our go to brand when it comes to interactive toys. In particular our favourite is the interactive puppy called Scout. Noah has had his ever since he was a few months old and he's always loved it. Scout has been a part of our nap and bedtime routine for as long as I can remember. We play Scout's lullaby every time we put Noah into his cot and it soothes him instantly. I would recommend every parent to buy one, he's so fantastic for both playtime and naptime!

Anyway less about Scout, let's move onto the Roll and Go Rocking Horse! As I said previously we are already huge fans of LeapFrog so when we were sent the Roll and Go Rocking Horse to try out we were more than happy to oblige.

The Roll and Go Rocking Horse is a toy which is suitable from 6 through to 36 months and helps teach gross motor skills, first words and cause and effect. Here are the three ways to play with the Roll and Go Rocking Horse-

Learn by touch
Press the light up saddle to hear fun phrases and sound effects that encourage baby to interact.

Push and play
Bat and push the horse to see it rock. Hear songs, sounds and rhymes.

Roll and go
Push along to start a fun game of chase! Flashing lights and playful songs motivate baby to crawl and build motor skills.

Noah loves animals and he knew straight away that this toy was a horse, it was an instant hit. The fact that it not only plays music but lights up too is an added bonus for him.

I do wish we had the Roll and Go Rocking Horse from a younger age as I do feel he would of enjoyed it even more around the age of 6 months. It would of encouraged him to sit for longer periods of time and would of encouraged him to crawl too. That being said it's still a fabulous toy for him now. The 
LeapFrog Roll and Go Rocking Horse is just £12.99 over on Amazon and I think it's excellent value for money.

- I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks good - leapfrog toys are great!


  2. Aww! That looks like a lot of fun! x

  3. That horse is so cute and even though I have seen it before that photo of Noah and Scout is gorgeous! x

  4. Looks good. We have the Leapfrog Dinosaur but this might be something I purchase for Chloe once she is at that age as Matthew is too old for it now.

  5. We reviewed this too - Caleb loves it! It's so heavy though and I always worry he'll drop it on my toes lol