Last chance to see the Starfish at Sea Life Manchester

On Thursday, visitors to Sea Life Manchester will gain the last chance to see the stunning Starfish on display as they prepare for a move across the country to Sea Life Birmingham.
The starfish, which have been on display since March 2014, include Giant Pink and Sunflower Starfish, as well as the Brittle and Common Starfish, which are native to the UK. Coincidentally, it comes at the same time that it gets harder to see the stars lighting the night sky over Manchester.
The Manchester aquarium is now getting ready to welcome an exciting new exhibit CLAWS which will arrive in Easter.
Jonathan Royle, Marketing Manager for Sea Life Manchester said: “Our star attraction gets ready to depart and has been loved by over 300,000 visitors. It comes at the same time that Manchester stargazers will start to find it difficult to see the stars in the night sky, as Manchester prepares for a cloudy, wet March.”

It will be sad to see the starfish go but as Sea Life Manchester Ambassador we are looking forward to seeing what's in store at Easter when the new attraction arrives! CLAWS! It sounds very exciting!


  1. Oh no, I wish I had a chance to see the Starfish before they left. Can't wait to see what Claws brings.
    Rubi | The Den |

  2. Sounds good - wish we lived closer!