Packing for our trip to Wales - Nick's essentials

As I have previously mentioned our trip to Wales is just a week away and now is the time to start preparing everything that we need to take along with us. I have my pen and paper ready to start all our lists but I also thought I would also put together a blog post too. 

In my previous two posts which can be seen here and here I wrote about both mine and Noah's essentials for the car journey. I can't really do that with Nick because he is the unfortunate one that has to drive us all the way there! Instead, I will show a couple of his entertainment essentials for once we arrive.

Nick's entertainment essentials-

We are going to be out and about, outdoors for the majority of our holiday but there are going to be times at night, once Noah is in bed where we will seek home comforts such as the iPad, laptop or handheld console. 

1. Once Noah is down for the evening Nick does like to play on his Xbox for a bit of downtime when we are at home. Whilst we are away he is going to take my Nintendo DSi. He probably won't play it but it's better to pack it anyway, just in case.  

2. We've read that you can rent out both bikes and buggies at Bluestone and that is something Nick would like to do. It would be lovely riding through the forest in the middle of Wales as a little family, sounds like bliss. 

Outdoor clothing essentials- 

Nick is very picky when it comes to clothes and would be happy buying the same pair of jeans, tshirt, jacket and shoes over and over again just so then he wouldn't need to change his wardrobe! With the need to buy more outdoor wear for our trip I have put together a few pieces that he has given his seal of approval.

1. Quilted bodywarmer-
We don't know how cold or windy it will be when we arrive in Wales so we need to make sure to pack plenty of layers. This quilted body warmer from Esprit is something I could see Nick wearing and something that would certainly keep him warm too.

2. Cable Knit Sweater-
Under a bodywarmer, you need a nice cosy sweater! There are so many different varieties to choose from over at Mountain Khakis but my favourite has to be this thick knit in khaki. I can imagine Nick getting a lot of wear from it and I may be partial to lounging around the house in it too!

3. Thermal Hat-
Nick is a fan of hats (especially on bad hair days!) so a couple of cosy beanies are going to be making an appearance on our trip. I would love to hide my mane underneath a hat but unfortunately, hat's don't compliment me very much! 

Do you have any suggestions on what else we should be taking with us? Clothes or entertainment-wise? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. I haven't played a DS for years!! Used to be such a great hobby. You're gonna have such a great time! x