Hospitals, holidays and birthdays - 12/52 - #littleloves

Most of my reading this week has revolved around children's books. We've picked up a dozen new books this week and Noah has really enjoyed discovering all the new characters. Most of the time he hasn't got the attention span to sit and finish a book and will toddle off to find something else to do. When he does this I have to admit that I sit there and finish the book myself. I have to know what happens in these new books don't you know!

Same as last week as I am still catching up where I left off with Revenge. They have such long series which are 22 episodes long! This is great when you are obsessed with a show! 

Noah and I also watched the eclipse yesterday. I couldn't get a photo of it but we did see it pop through the clouds every now and again.

I bought a new dress and top from ASOS a few days ago. Unfortunately the dress doesn't fit as it was too small but I have decided to keep it in hope that it encourages me to lose weight! 

I also bought Nick some new swim shorts for our trip to Bluestone and I bought Noah some new shoes too. It's been quite the week for online retail therapy! 

My sons voice. This week he has found his voice more than ever. He is now trying to sing and tries to read when looking through a book. Is there anything sweeter than the sound of your child's voice?

Noah and I made a lovely Birthday Card for my Mum. He loves to draw but doesn't press on hard enough to use crayons so sometimes we do have to use pen. I want to start doing more arts and crafts with Noah because at the moment he isn't a fan of messy time and I want him to enjoy it and not cringe at the mess on his hands.

And lastly
We are off to Pembrokeshire in Wales on Monday! This will be our first family holiday (even if it is just for days and in the UK!) We are ill again and Noah did have a trip to the hospital on Wednesday night but we aren't letting that stop us. We are determined to get away! 


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely week and I am looking forward to hearing all about your holiday next week x

  2. Aww hope he's ok! I love finishing kids books too, it's lovely now my niece likes to sit down and listen too :p have a lovely time away, hope you all get better soon xx

  3. Aww poor Noah I hope he is ok now! The rest of the week looks so much fun though! I'm glad you won't let it stop you! Hope you have a great time away :)

  4. Hope that Noah is ok and that you're having a wonderful holiday xx