Project 365 - Week 10 - 10/52

10 weeks into 2015, wow! We've all had a really good week this week. We are all better on the cold front and my sinus infection is long gone too, woohoo! Noah's front teeth are all coming through now and he's been fine, no complaints from him. We've had lots of fun this week and a super busy weekend. Friday we went to sea life centre, build a bear and TGI Friday's. Saturday we went to a family do which saw Noah stay up till 10:30pm! He was an absolute star and was dancing the night away much and was the life and soul of the party. On our drive home he was singing a long with us to the radio, still wanting to party! When we got home he had a bottle and then went straight to sleep! Such a good boy! Here are our photo's from week 10.

March 1st - 7th / Week 10

I had a lazy Sunday catching up on blog posts and housework and Nick did some painting and DIY whilst Noah spent a couple of hours at his Nanna's.

I decided to separate all the wooden toys out his regular toy box as they all fall to the bottom and make it hard for Noah to find. It was such a great idea because this week he has actually sat there with me and played with his toys. He prefers the wooden toys so much more than plastic ones so I am going to have to buy him some more. I really want to buy him a wooden play kitchen too. 

Noah has been in such a great mood all this week and has had a wonderful appetite too. He must be feeling so much better now he finally has shut of his cold. Here he is eating his petit filous after ditching the spoon, cheeky!

I had just finished taking photo's for a review and Noah insisted on wearing his new hat to pose for this picture! 

The 5th of March was our 7 year anniversary and the 2nd year anniversary of finding out we were expecting Noah. It was such a special and sentimental day to me and I blogged briefly about it here.

We had a super busy day on Friday and one of our stops was to Sea Life centre in Manchester. As new ambassadors we went to pick up our annual passes and of course had to go inside too. Noah loved pottering about, looking at all the different fish. 

Saturday saw us taking Noah to his first ever night do. I was a bit apprehensive about keeping him up so late but decided to let him nap later in the afternoon to try and compensate for it. Noah was fantastic all night, dancing away and running round. We didn't get home until 10:30pm! He then had some milk and went straight to sleep. Little superstar!