Project 365 - Week 9 - 9/52

How are we 9 weeks into 2015 already? It only feels like it was Christmas last week! Noah seems to be feeling better this week but his cough and runny nose remains. I on the other hand have felt my worse and went to the GP who told me I have sinusitis and prescribed me antibiotics. 3 days in on the medication and I am feeling so much better, hurray! We've not let illness stop us from getting out and about though. We've had lots of little adventure's this week! 

February 22nd - 28th / Week 9

Noah was really unwell last Sunday, probably the worst he has ever been. He usually visit's his Nanna on Sunday afternoon's but we had to cancel. He spent most of the day being sick, crying and cuddling up to me and Nick. He perked up towards bedtime though and it was such a relief.

54/365Monday he felt much better but I was still feeling terrible so we didn't make it to playgroup. In stead we had a relaxing day at home and then met up with my friend and her two children at the park. Noah loved it and was pulling cheeky expressions and was even dancing!

We had a fab day on Tuesday. Lots of play and we drew pictures and had quality Mummy and Noah time. 

Wednesday Noah we went for a long walk on the SmarTrike and then Noah had a walk a long the front street. It was his first proper time walking outside and he was in his element and overjoyed. Our cat Ted spotted us and came bounding over and stuck by Noah's side like he was protecting him. Moments like these are what life is all about. 

Noah loved walking about outside so much that I took him out for a walk the next day. He walked down the street, round the corner, a long the grass and then was tired out and I carried him back home. We then went out for tea with Dada and Noah devoured all of it, especially his veggies! 

Noah casually having a little meltdown because he wanted to open the door. Look how heartbroken he looks! You wouldn't think that two seconds later he was laughing would you!

Saturday we went out shopping with Daddy and again Noah wanted to toddle about everywhere. He's so steady now and has really found his feet.

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  1. Lovely pictures, I am pleased to hear that you have both picked up from the bugs. Hope you have a good week x

  2. What lovely pics :),
    Your Little man is gorgeous! love his blonde hair.
    Glad you are feeling better too x

  3. oh my goodness how cute that your cat was like his protector! so cute

  4. Awe, Noah is so gorgeous! Pleased you are finally on the mend! x

  5. What lovely photos! Glad to hear he's feeling better now! He's such a sweetie x