New hats, new words and new adventures - 9/52 - #littleloves

I started reading the next book in the Quick Reads selection that I was sent a couple of weeks ago which is called "Red for Revenge!" Reading the blurb doesn't sound like my typical read but I'm going to give it a go.

If you tune into these posts each week you will know how much I love to indulge in American TV shows. After finishing series two of Hannibal I was on the lookout for a new show to watch and discovered Betrayal. It's no Hannibal but it's an easy watch and is entertaining. It's all about a lady who is in an unhappy marriage who ends up having an affair with a lawyer who works for a powerful family. You can imagine how complicated it becomes!

Hey, I wore a dress this week! Shock horror. I am normally a dress wearer but in these cold months, I love nothing more than wrapping up in dozens of layers; leggings, jumpers, jeggings, hoodies. Noah has worn lots of super cute outfits and super cute fluff as per. Today I bought him a new hat and was shocked to discover that a size 4-8-year-old actually fits his noggin!

Noah learned some new words this week! He now knows the cat's name Ted and Teddy and is trying to say cheese too! It's amazing seeing how much he is coming on at the moment.

Nothing really exciting this week but I have made copious amounts of hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream! You just have to when you are ill. 

And lastly
I've probably been at the peak of my illness this week. My awful cough and cold developed into sinusitis but I've not let it bog me down. Noah and I have had many outings this week. We've been to the park, out on the trike and Noah even walked outside for the first proper time. He was so excited and was squealing, totally in his element!


  1. Love those SmarTrike photos from above, too cute!! Also love that you say noggin - reminds me of our favourite monkey CG! x

  2. I used to hate hot chocolate, can't really remember why as I am now a complete sucker for it, especially with squirty cream and marsh mallows. Actually, I've just finished a cup!
    Have a lovely week x

  3. Aww thank you for the mention lovely, glad it made you giggle!

    I've had sinusitis once before, it was one of the worst things EVER! Shocking how awful it makes you feeel! Get better soon! xx

  4. Lovely hat and the hot chocolate sounds great - you've put me in the mood for one too!


  5. Squirty queen and hot chocolate, OMG that's not just a #littlelove, it's a massive one! Mouthwatering photo!

  6. Love the picture of Noah and the cat, so cute. And yes, indulging when you are ill is definitely allowed, especially hot chocs with cream! xx

  7. Nice hat.

    Rachel Craig