Project 365 - Week 15 - 15/52

Wow, what lovely weather have we had this week? It was like Summer had come early, not too hot and certainly not cold. Noah and I have made the most of the weather and spent many hours out basking in the sun. 

5th April - 11th April / Week 15

Easter! Noah received way too many chocolate eggs and even got a few cuddly toys too, very spoiled. I think we will have enough chocolate to last us months!

Bank Holiday Monday saw beautiful weather and we spent it at the park with Noah's Uncle, Auntie and Cousin and of course Daddy and I. The park had set up a huge Easter Egg hunt and the kids had so much fun and were rewarded with a chocolate bunny at the end of it. 

There's no way we were stopping in this week when the weather was so glorious. This field is just a 5 minute walk from our house and is the perfect place for Noah to roam. 

This photo was taken on one of our walks. There are allotments at the end of the street we live on and a stream runs right through them. Noah and I love walking down there in the morning and watching the water trickle by. It's just such a shame it's private land and we can't go and dip our toes in that water! 

On Thursday I decided to take Noah to visit his Nan. She was looking after her young god daughter but Noah's two cousins were off school too so it was nice for them all to get together and play with one another.

Nick finishes work at lunch time on Fridays so we always try to do something in that spare time. This week we took a drive to a lovely place called Eddisford Bridge. We thought we would treat Noah to an ice cream as it was lovely and warm. Much to our amazement he turned down the ice cream and chose an apple over it! Crazy, crazy baby. 

Out and about yet again, we took Noah to the park. It was absolutely freezing on Saturday, where has the nice weather gone? It was time to bring the bobble hat and body warmer back out! Hopefully the nice weather returns on Monday. 

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  1. The wee man is growing up SO quickly! Wasn't he just a newborn like....last month? GAH! I can't handle it, lol! Such a handsome little guy! Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH x