Spring time, exploring and the great outdoors - 15/52 - #littleloves

I'm finally getting the time to read again and this makes me feel good. I've read a couple of books these past few weeks but none of them have been anything to remember. I've just started a book called "Throwaway" and I'm not sure about it really. 

I want to find a book that is going to give me goosebumps and leave me speechless! Do you have any suggestions?

Now I am up to date with Revenge I have picked up where I left off with Justified. I love the Southern feel to Justified. The first few seasons were incredible but I've not really been enjoying the last series which is such a shame. I am hoping that these last couple of episodes will change my mind because it's the very last season! Come on Raylan, I want a happy ending for you!

I've been wearing dresses this week because the weather has been glorious! I feel very uncomfortable and self conscious wearing them though because I'm not happy about my weight. Hopefully I can stick to Slimming World this time around because I really need to shift this weight!

I have been able to dress Noah in short sleeved t'shirts and shorts the last couple of days and it's so cute seeing him toddle around with his sun hat on. 

Mama, mama, mama, mama, all the time! It's Noah's favourite word and if I take my eyes off him for one second he calls my name, mama! Melts my heart every time though. 

Slimming World friendly meals! My favourite this week was Chilli and Spaghetti Bolognese. I also love popping some grapes and a Muller Light into the freezer, the perfect syn free treats! Frozen grapes and frozen yogurt! Try it, seriously!

Slightly off topic but I also picked up the new Alpen Light flavours too! I'm not keen on the Jaffa Cake flavour as it has a strange after taste but the Banoffee is nice! 

And lastly
I am in love with this weather, it's perfect. Not too hot and certainly not cold! 

I have to mention it because we have been taking full advantage of the weather. Noah and I have been outside exploring at least twice a day for the past week and it's been lovely. As soon as Noah has finished his breakfast he brings me his shoes and points to go out! 

As you may know we renovated our house last year and our front garden is yet to be updated. The new weather has motivated us to start on it shortly as we really want to make the most of that space! 


  1. Spring weather is my favourite too - perfect for playing outside without fear of sunburn or getting too hot.

    I'm really enjoying Revenge - I might have to give Justified a try as well

    Have a great weekend

  2. I love the weather too, I don't cope well when it gets too hot! Looks like you've really been making the most of it, it's so sweet that Noah's keen to get out as well :) hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  3. This weather really has been perfect, I almost prefer it to when it is really hot as then I moan! Been so nice to get out in the garden, the kids have loved it! x

  4. This weather is absolutely mint - we've not as much of it here but it's been glorious today.

    The frozen yogurt and grapes sounds awesome, need to try that!

    Noah looks so cute!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. Loving all your outdoorsy photos and the glorious weather! Sounds like a lovely week x

  6. This is my perfect weather too, hot enough to be able to not wear a coat, and not quite too hot where you can't do anything!! Noah looks in his element out and about!

  7. Frozen grapes ahey? Worth a try! Good luck with your Slimming World. Seems like everyone is feeling the urge to be healthy at the mo - that's the only thing about this wonderful weather. Diet season begins. Booo! #LittleLoves

  8. The weather's been great hasn't it? Love that Spring is finally here! xx