Project 365 - Week 16 - 16/52

I cannot believe how fast these weeks are flying by. The weather this week has been good but not as warm as last week. We've had another busy week and made some fantastic memories.

12th April - 18th April / Week 16

Spot the cat, spot the baby!

On Monday we both slept through out alarm and was late for playgroup, oops! We managed to catch the last hour and then went to soft play too. It was a great day.

Another day, another walk. This has to be one of my favourite photo's of Noah. He looks so so cheeky.

Noah now has 3 molars coming through all at once and so far he hasn't complained. I love this shot of his pearly whites.

Thursday it was Noah's Great Nan's 80th birthday and it was a wonderful night. We ate at a Michelin Star restaurant (for free!) and had plenty of wine too. It was lovely celebrating in this special way for possibly the most incredible person in the world. We didn't get home until after 10 pm and Noah was good as gold the whole night. As soon as we got home he went straight to bed without a fuss. 

I received some very exciting fluffy mail from Totsbots on Friday! Perfect timing for Real Nappy Week! 

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the seaside. It was a lovely warm day but there was a cool breeze. This was the first time Noah had been on sand and he really wasn't a fan of it. He would hold his legs up in the air so then I wouldn't stand him up on it and he clung to me like a bat, it was really cute. Once I put his shoes on he was fine walking about, he just wasn't a fan of the texture on his feet. I love his little quirks. 

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  1. Noah is a real cutie isn't he? I like the close up shot of his face and pearly whites.
    Our oldest grandson didn't like sand either.. he had to be carried around until we got on solid ground again.

    Seriously, that close-up of his little teeth <3
    ...The heart melts :-)

    Have a wonderful week x

  3. What a lovely week! Great photo's Jenna and wow to your Nan's 80th Birthday celebrations :)

  4. Ahh how cute is he on the sand! They look like they are having a great time at the party, Happy Birthday to her!