Family Favourites - April

I have decided to start sharing our monthly favourites with you all after seeing my good friend Nicola from Life Through My Eyes post all about hers, it's such a great idea!

Here are our family's favourites from April-

Mummy -

TV shows. After doing my nightly chores and my blogging I like to settle down and watch a TV show or two. In March I finally caught up with Revenge and now in April I am just finishing watching the last few ever episodes of Justified.

Slimming World. I started my Slimming World journey a month ago. I timed it great, at Easter so all the chocolate is torturing me but I have managed to resist, most of the time! 

Divergent. I watched the first film a few nights ago and I am hooked. I have just bought the trilogy on itunes and cannot wait to get stuck in.

Daddy -

Chocolate. He has been eating an insane amount of chocolate this Easter, I think he has a problem!

The Walking Dead. I love my TV shows but the only one Nick is interested in is TWD and he has been enthralled this season. 

Pizza topped chicken. Nick has been eating Slimming World meals with me and I made Pizza topped chicken for the first time last week and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. 

Noah -

Mama! He must say Mama 50 times a day on average. Continuously calling my name and bossing me around. Little tyke.

Going on adventures. As soon as we have finished our breakfast in the morning he brings me his shoes and coat and points to go outside. He loves being outdoors and exploring. 

Apples. Noah has always loved fruit and eats so much of it. As he doesn't have many teeth I have always avoided apples because whenever he's had them he's always gagged. With his molars now coming through I have been giving him whole apples and he nibble on it for ages and really enjoys them. 

What are your family favourites this month? 


  1. Awww Noah is such a cutie!! This pizza topped chicken sounds yum! I`m starting slimming world soon, I need to try it!

  2. We're still working our way through a mound of Easter chocolate. It's obscene the amount they get! Does not make dieting easy! :-)

  3. What a lovely way to look at things. I'm with Daddy. I love chocolate! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday.