Introducing the SnapMail App

- This is a guest post.

I've just discovered a new mobile phone app that I'd like to tell you about.  It's called SnapMail and it could save you from being attacked, mugged, robbed, sexually assaulted or worse.   
Basically, what the SnapMail app does is allow you take a photograph of someone, email it to yourself and upload it to your own account on the SnapMail website with just one click of a button.  If you think about it, who is going to attack you if they have just been photographed?  
All photos have a date and time stamp and also contain a GPS location of exactly where the photo was taken.  So let's say you're at home alone and you hear an intruder in your house.  One click of the button on the SnapMail app captures the photo of the intruder and most smart criminals will not want to make a bad situation worse when they know they've already been caught.  
There are dozens of situations in which the SnapMail app could help you, from getting into a taxi in a strange city to meeting someone on a blind date.  A friend of mine was robbed when she tried to sell her TV online and when the guy came to her apartment he put a knife to her throat.  Real estate agents are also vulnerable when showing a stranger around an empty house alone.  One quick snap of the person you are meeting and there is no point in them attacking you.
In the event that you are attacked, the SnapMail photos are the best evidence you could want for catching and convicting the criminal.  
SnapMail is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android mobile phones.  It doesn't work on tablets but then you wouldn't be carrying a tablet around with you so it would be no use anyway.   
There is also a paid version of SnapMail called SnapMail Emergency and this is really clever.  For a few bucks a month SnapMail Emergency will send an SOS text message and email to 5 of your Friends to tell them you are in trouble.  When you take a SnapMail photo you have 5 minutes to click a link in the email you receive with the photo.  If you fail to click that 'I'm OK' link, SnapMail Emergency will then automatically text and email your friends to tell them you are in trouble.  Now that's powerful.  
 SnapMail is not the sort of app that you would use on a regular basis but if you ever find yourself in the many situations where a photo of the attacker will prevent a crime being committed against you you'll be very thankful you have it on your phone.
I've downloaded it to my phone.  
Further information about SnapMail and a link to download it can be found here:
 If you follow them on Twitter by clicking here  you'll get 3 months free access to the premium version SnapMail Emergency.  

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