Nestle Cereal Blogger Challenge

Did you know that 47% of all children have eaten a creepy crawly out of the garden and yet 71% of children refuse to eat a plate of salad? How crazy is that?! Worm or lettuce, you decide!?

At the moment we don't have that problem as Noah is a good eater and he does enjoy his fruit and vegetables. That being said children go through phases and just because he's a good eater now doesn't mean he always will be and that does frightens me. 

Nestle were just as shocked as I were to discover those figures and decided to come up with something rather marvelous, The Creepy Crawly Campaign! They built a 10ft caterpillar out of CEREAL! This cereal critter then toured around the UK to show our children that there are much easier ways to eat a bowl of goodness, in a bowl of cereal! 

To celebrate the success of the Creepy Crawly Campaign we were sent a big box of cereal and arts and craft supplies to come up with our very own critter.

Please bare in mind that it's rather difficult to come up with something extremely creative with a toddler, especially when that toddler is eating all the Shredded Wheat! Ha ha! 

As you can see my the photo's we won't win any awards for our artistry anytime soon! 

Between Noah walking all over the paper and getting the feathers stuck to his feet to him gobbling up half the cereal we did manage to create something and had lots of fun too! Here is our little caterpillar and it's now proudly displayed on our fridge!

What is your child's favourite cereal? Are they good eaters? 

- We were sent a cereal and arts and craft supplies for the purpose of this blog post. 


  1. That's adorable and a great effort considering the clear distraction of eating :) I was such a fussy eater when I was little and as a teenager went through a phase of only eating fried bacon sandwiches or egg mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast! Thankfully my tastes are far more mature now.

  2. This is so cute, Noah looks like he is really enjoying those shreddies! x