New words, Winnie the Pooh and Cousinly love - 19/52 - #littleloves

I'm still supposed to be reading Divergent but yet again I have had zero time to read. I keep telling myself that I am going to be in bed with my iPad before 11pm but in reality I'm still downstairs pottering about until the early hours. There is literally not enough hours in the day.

You know me and my love of American TV shows. This week I started a new show called Mistresses and it's exactly as you probably imagining it to be. It's a show about middle aged women who are all in totally different types of relationships. One is married, one is promiscuous, one is a widow and the other was having an affair with a married man. The show follows the life and events of these four very different women and although the acting is terrible and the plot is predictable I can't seem to stop watching! 

Boring, boring, frumpy clothes. I don't know where the sun has gone. Please tell me Summer isn't over already?!

Noah on the other hand well he's been wearing something rather cute. Here he is, Noah the Pooh! 

This section is turning into a Noah's new word section! Don't blame me though because there is nothing sweeter than hearing your child's voice, especially when they are learning new words. Noah's new word this week is 
Baby which he pronounces "Baybeeeee!" Baby is actually the name of one of our cats so now he can say both cats names, Teddy and Baby.

I made it to the 10lb mark when it comes to my weight loss! Hurray! So that is 10lb in 6 weeks. I could of done much better but it's a start. Need to keep chipping away at those lbs. 

And lastly
Look at this photo! This is Noah and his cousin Tristan. Although there is a 6 year age gap they sure do have a bond. Noah thinks Tris is the best thing since sliced bread and finds everything that he does hilarious. 

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  1. I've watched US Mistresses too! I know what you mean about the plot and acting yet I too couldn't stop watching the first season. I lost interest about halfway through the second one though, it just all proved to be too much for me, haha!
    Love that picture of Noah and his cousin - so cute!
    Hope you're having a good week xx