Project 365 - Week 23 - 23/52

                                                                                         31st May - 6th June / Week 23

Sunday Noah spent the afternoon with his Nanna, like usual. Nick and I decided to be super proactive and decided to put up the new furniture from IKEA, rearrange the whole of the downstairs and have a huge clear out. It took us most of the afternoon but we felt so good about it afterwards and to be honest it was quite enjoyable too. We are so proud of our home. 

We got up late and thought we wouldn't make it to playgroup in time but thankfully we did. They were holding the session in another room which was a bit of a surprise. It was so much bigger than the usual room and there was so much more for Noah to do. He loved splashing about in the water area, he relaxed in a play tent, crawled around in a huge cardboard box, played outside in the cars and sat at the table like a good boy at snack time. We both had lots of fun!  

Tuesday I wasn't feeling well at all. I felt lethargic and exhausted, I really thought I was coming down with something. Noah and I had a lazy day but made the most of the new reading and play corner we had put together for him. 

I love this family selfie. Nick actually fell asleep ha ha.

Thursday we went on a super long walk and visited the park. The sun actually decided to grace us with it's presence so I had to get Noah into his shorts. I've bought so much summer wear for him and he's hardly worn any yet. Here's hoping to some nicer weather in the next few weeks!

Friday afternoon Nick finishes work at lunch time and we always try to make the most of that free time. We decided to go and enjoy the fresh air and let Noah stretch his legs, he loves being outdoors.

Here is my very grumpy boy! We spend the day shopping and went on a 3 mile walk too. It looked like we were going to have a sunny day but as soon as we got out the sun disappeared but we didn't let that stop us! 

I can't believe we are almost half way through the year already! Where has this year gone?!


  1. Lovely round up, that furniture in the first photo is gorgeous, love the little desk x

  2. I LOVE your home (first photo!!) The family selfie is adorable! My partner would fall asleep too haha!!

  3. I love the new furniture from IKEA! I love that it is so cute, child centre, that is also so organised.

  4. love the ikea furniture