Weight Loss, Holiday Planning and Prosecco #littleloves

I've finally read a few more chapters in Divergent! Finally! I'm going to bed way too late which annoys me but because I'm stubborn I insist on reading a couple of chapters, despite being shattered! 

I just finished watching season two of Mistresses and I absolutely loved it! At first I thought the acting was terrible and the plot lines were so predictable but as the seasons progressed it just got better and better. I literally cannot wait for season three but I'm sad that one of the leading actresses won't be returning. I'm interested to see if they write her out of the show or if they hire another actress to play her, only time will tell.  

The weather has been so hit and miss lately that I've worn an array of different outfits from summer dresses through to jumpers and jeans. What usually happens is I peek out the window in the morning and because it looks cold I will dress accordingly. Then about an hour later the sun comes out and I have to change out of my sweater into a blooming dress! Make your mind up weather. 

Noah on the other hand has been showing me up on the fashion front. Yesterday we were getting ready to go for a walk and he went and found his hat and insisted in wearing it despite it being sunny. Little trend setter in the making!

Possibly our worst ever Eurovision entry, ever! How come every year we just don't seem to get it right? We always enjoy watching Eurovision and always have a little celebration when it's on. This year we had a few nibbles and some prosecco which went don't a treat! For us Graham Norton's candid commentary is what makes the show for us, he's hilarious!

I made it! I finally lost my first stone on Slimming World. It's taken a lot longer than I expected but I've finally made it. If I had been more strict with myself and hadn't had half a dozen cheat days I could of lost 2 stone by now but I'm trying to be positive! I'm on the right track. 

And lastly
We are about to book our first family holiday! We have been browsing for weeks now and are struggling to decide on where to go but we are definitely taking Noah abroad for the first time this year. We are aiming to go in September and would love to go back to Majorca as it's perfect for little ones, white sand, shallow waters and a short flight time! Hope we decide on something soon!

What have you been up to lately? 


  1. Booking a holiday! Exciting times, I can't wait to hear that you've booked it. I hate Eurovision but still watch it every year! x

  2. I totally avoid Eurovision now, it's just bloody awful haha. So exciting booking your holiday! We took indie to Majorca this time last year and had a fantastic time, I'm jealous xx

  3. I'm a mistresses fan, loved the uk version and the this version. I have read that Savannah is just getting written out though. I don;t know I wasn't too happy with the ending, partly because I wanted her to be with the other guy (Without me giving away too much incase anyone hasn't seen it). If you a haven't watched the uk version then do, series one especially was loosely based on the uk version with Aprils story line. Exciting to be booking a holiday I am very jealous #LittleLoves

  4. Booking a holiday is exciting! Well done on your weight loss!


  5. Well done on your weight loss! I'm so rubbish at sticking to any diets and often give up before making any progress.
    I watched the first season of US Mistresses but not seen all the second one yet, think I might do now.