Guilty pleasures, hot weather and trash TV - #littleloves

Can you believe that 5 months later I am still reading Divergent? By the time I crawl into bed at night it's way past midnight and too late to read. That being said I do try to squeeze in a chapter here and there but usually end up nodding off. I miss reading like I used to, I was such a bookworm.

If you know me then you will know my guilty pleasure of reality tv shows. Lately I have be glued to the screen not just watching Big Brother but Love Island too, slightly embarrassing but there you go! I'm really hoping that Nick win's BBUK this year as he's such a gentle and nervous soul, I just want to mother him!  

With it being so hot lately I have been trying to keep cool in summer dresses and shades. Though I do need to purchase some new sun glasses from Optical Express as Noah decided to borrow mine and I have no idea what he has done with them.

Another guilty pleasure is this song! Has it got stuck in your head yet?

I've lost count of the amount of picnics I've made these past couple of weeks. With the weather being so nice we've been making the most of it by getting out and about every day. We've been taking our lunch to go and have been enjoying our picnics here, there and everywhere.

And lastly
Summer is here! Finally!
We've transformed our front garden into a little haven for Noah and his friends. We have a slide, water table and paddling pool and they have all been having a blast.

Have you been enjoying the weather? 


  1. I love that OMI song and only found out who/what it was today. Love it!! It's my song of the summer. I've never watched Love Island and I haven't picked up a book in so long I actually have no idea what I was reading! Have a great weekend lovely x

  2. Picnics and paddling pools are two of my favourite things about summer. Lets hope the weather gets brighter and we get a chance for a lot more! xx