Project 365 - Week 27 - 27/52

28th June - 4th July / Week 27

Noah spent the afternoon with his Nanna like he does most Sundays. He absolutely loves this time and is always spoilt rotten. When he came back we decided to take a little walk and have some Mummy, Noah time. 

Monday we missed playgroup again, oops. He always tends to sleep in on a Monday as he is worn out from the weekend so we struggle to make it on time. We spent most the day playing out and having fun. It's impossible to keep this boy indoors! 

Tuesday we had a pretty chilled out day. Here is Noah having fun in the garden as per usual! 

Pool party! Well sort of! I transformed the front garden into a little haven for Noah and his friends. Paddling pool, water table, slide. All three boys had so much fun and it was just endearing watching them all play together and enjoy it. I then brought out a little picnic and they gobbled it up in the shade. 

Thursday was fab! We went on a little adventure. A long walk through the woods, a trip to the park and even had a little lunch date too. It was a little cooler today and we did enjoy the breeze. I love days like this. I sat there and I was just so grateful for everything that we share. 

Friday, family day! I love that Nick finishes work at lunch time on a Friday. We always try to make the most of our afternoons. We went for a lovely walk through the woods and then let Noah run wild around the fields. He loves being outdoors.

Saturday we had an impromptu BBQ in the front garden. Nothing sums up the sunny months more than BBQ's and paddling pools.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. LOVE all the outside play pics, it's been so nice this week hasn't it? Can't beat a BBQ!

  2. What a lovely looking pool party, it really was a week to enjoy the outdoors, finishing with a BBQ sounds perfect. Do join me for Country Kids, popping by from #365

  3. Looks like a lovely outdoors week.

    I'm totally ashamed by my lack of BBQing. We have a new bbq, just need to get some gas. The whole BBQ is more hassle than I ever imagined. My OH obviously hasn't heard that a BBQ should be the man's job.

  4. nice to see so many outdoor pictures, love the angle of Sundays picture, and nice that he enjoys going to spend time with his Nana.
    I am not a barbecue lover I have to say but would willingly eat all the salad.