Planning our Child's Attic Room

When we bought our house two years ago now we knew it was a work in progress. It's quite a large house for a terrace but it does only have two bedrooms. With that in mind we knew that once we had finished our renovations that another big project would be just around the corner, that being expanding in to the attic.

There are a number of reasons we will be converting the attic, to raise the value of our property being one of them but the main reason is for the space. We need another large bedroom if we want more children, which of course we do.

For some reason I've always imagined two little boys playing together in their attic room, sharing a room and getting up to mischief together. We will have to wait and see if that happens but in the mean time I've decided to put together a little mood board of how I would love to decorate the attic room.

1. StarBright Toddler Bed -
We already have this bed from Worlds Apart but we haven't used it just yet as Noah is still happy in his cot. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it as I love the neutral colours and the gorgeous design. I also adore how it has a little side table and a built in night light too, it's the perfect toddler bed. 

2. VELUX Blinds

Attic rooms are always so bright especially if the window is facing the sun like ours will be. We don't want our son (or future children) waking up at the crack of dawn so I'm already planning on investing in some really good blackout blinds from VELUX.

3. Sling Bookcase -
Noah has hundreds of books already at the tender age of two and although we already have quite a few bookcases we always need more. I really like the look of neutral sling bookcases as not only would it be great for extra storage but would also match the colour scheme too.

4. Farmyard Teepee -
I'm head over heels in love with Izabella Peter's creations and this Farmyard Teepee from her range is utterly adorable. I could imagine it being the focal point in the room with two bed's at either side. I'm such a fan of teepee's because they are ideal for imaginative play, story time and spontaneous naps. 

5. Rabbit Night Light -
Mr Rabbit is already a feature in Noah's current bedroom and he's fabulous. He would certainly be making the move into the attic room once it's been completed, it wouldn't be the same without him! . 

How have you decorated your child's room? Did you go for a theme? 

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  1. I really love that book case!! We live in a modern (so very small) 3 bed semi and have 3 kids - it's a tight squeeze which means we don't have a bedroom any more!! We sleep downstairs as only one of the bedrooms is big enough for 2 so the kids just have a room each and we have none! We don't mind but means littlest has largest room BUT he has to have our wardrobes etc in there!! X

  2. Love the items your thinking of using in your attic room x

  3. Love all your ideas
    Never really plan a theme -just buy linen and curtains in whatever is the favour at the time great idea of yours

  4. Love all your ideas
    Never really plan a theme -just buy linen and curtains in whatever is the favour at the time great idea of yours