TotsBots PeeNut - Review

Being a blogger there have been many exciting things that I've taken part in over the years but the most exciting opportunity to date landed in my inbox a few weeks ago. Along with a handful of other bloggers I was given the opportunity to review a product from a brand that I absolutely adore weeks before anyone else in the world. How incredible is that?!

After weeks of secrecy I can now introduce to you the brand new range of reusable nappies from TotsBots! Say hello to the PeeNut

The PeeNut is a rather revolutionary reusable nappy and is totally different from anything else that TotsBots have ever released. The concept behind it is that it's a brand new and totally unique nappy system which not only works but is super simple to use too. They describe it as.. ‘Simply brilliant – in a nutshell’

The PeeNut consists of a water proof wrap with different sized inserts which simply fasten in side of the nappy. The images below show how easy it is to get set up. No fiddly pockets or attached inserts just easy peasy snap in inserts - peenuts! 

Depending on the age of your child and how much they wee will determine how many inserts you will need. I have been using a large and small insert with Noah and it would last a good 4/5 hours without any leaks which I think is great considering he is 21 months old and a heavy wetter.

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Once it's time to change the nappy you don't need to change the whole thing, simply remove the wet inserts, give the inside of the wrap a wipe, if needed, attach a new insert and you are ready to go!  

Key Features-

Easy to use pop in pad system - No stuffing or folding, Just pop and go.

Flexible boosting - One PeeNut pad does it all.

Slim fitting - Great fit under clothes.

Minimum bits - Less to carry around in nappy bag.

Economical - fast drying, which means no need to tumble. Cheaper nappy changes.

Wipe clean interior - No need to wash whole nappy at every change.

Improved leg fit - No leaks, ultimate comfort for baby.

Pop in securely to wrap - Pad stays put.

Made from bamboo - Super soft, absorbent and fast drying.

Birth to potty pad and nappy - one pad fits all – value for money.

Funky prints/colours
- We all love a pretty nappy!

What we love -
How neat and slim they fit. I don't have to worry about trousers that won't fit over his big nappy bum because they are so neat fitting.

The inserts are super absorbent and I feel confident that they will do their job. They also dry surprisingly fast considering how they are quite thick.

There is less to wash because you can reuse the wrap and simply remove the inserts. The 4 wraps they sent me lasted us 3 days! 

I think it's great that you can adapt the PeeNut for how you want it to function. Want to use it overnight? Try it with 2 large inserts. For a couple of hours in the day? Try just the 1 insert. This flexibility is fantastic.

I love them just as much as I love the EasyFit but I think the Peenut would have the edge when going on holiday and wanting to cloth bum while there - less to pack! 

For a wrap and day to night insert the prices start at £15.99 but you can buy wraps and inserts separately or even in a bundle too. I always find TotsBots to be very good value for money.

What we would change
We absolutely love the Peenut and there isn't much I would change but there is one little thing I would like to mention. As you can only fasten the insert to the front of the nappy sometimes we've had a problem with it staying in place once it's wet. Once the insert has any weight to it sometimes it tends to come loose at the back and bunch up slightly at the front. It probably doesn't help that Noah is a toddler who is extremely active and a heavy wetter too but being able to secure the insert to the back of the nappy as well as the front would make them absolutely perfect.

Overall thoughts - The whole idea behind the Peenut is simply fantastic! It's not just a great idea though it's one that works too. TotsBots are yet again pushing the boundaries when it comes to making cloth mainstream! 

- We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are my own.


  1. They looks so cosey and stylish! I've always used disposable nappies x

  2. We totally love the PeeNut too - it's such a great system. Extra poppers at the other end of the liner would make it just perfect I think! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. I love the idea of this, but months off turning 3 and PT'ing I can't get any. I just don't think they would hold up for night time use without poppers or any grip on the back =(
    Lovely review though x

  4. Thanks for this review x think i may have to try them x

  5. Wow these sound fantastic
    Thankyou for the review
    Worth trying these after reading this

  6. Looks amazing and so much cheaper than buying disposable nappies all the time

  7. This review makes reusable nappies seem appealing and were I to have another child make me consider using them.