Mummy & Me - April

It's that time of the month, Mummy & Me time!

April saw Noah and I spending lots of time outdoors come rain or shine. We had lots of one on one time and took lots and lots of selfie's! Out of all the photo's we took this month I just had to choose this one because for once Noah is smiling instead of being silly or ignoring the camera! Dark circles and crows feet as side, I quite like this photo of the munchkin and I. 

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Beautiful photo
    You haven't got crow feet or dark circles
    You both look a treat and Noah is so cute x

  2. There called Smile lines :D Means we smile a lot! :D Which of corse you do with little noah keeping you happy :)

  3. Lovely picture :) I used to hate having selfies of me with the little people as often felt I spoiled them with my ugly mug, but then I realised I didn't have a single picture of me and my mum together from when I was little and I thought it was rather sad. Now I make sure I get a few every now and then so they have something to look back on when they are older :)

  4. That is a gorgeous photo of the two of you