Baby Born Interactive Sister Doll - #NationalSisterDay

To celebrate National Sister Day I have some rather exciting news to share with you! Meet Baby Born's new sibling, the Interactive Sister Doll! Baby Born got her wish with a new big sister who she can snuggle and talk to, share secrets with and even share and swap clothes with! 

With beautiful long hair and a stylish little outfit she is the perfect doll for any child's collection. She has a host of lifelike functions from crying through to drinking and she comes with a wide range of different accessories too. You can style her long locks with the different clips, bands and brush with are included and my favourite feature are the two friendship bracelets which are for her and for her proud new Mummy! 

She is able to stand on her own to present the dresses to her friends. BABY born's Sister's joints are super flexible, because she absolutely loves going to her gym lessons. And of course, doing a lot of exercise is thirsty work. That's why she brings her bottle along with her. She also likes to go swimming with BABY born. If she hurts her knee during gymnastics or playing about, she can cry real tears.

• BABY born® Sister Doll
• With six lifelike functions for even greater fun
• No batteries required
• Lots of accessories: 1 shirt, 1 pair of leggings, 1 pair of shoes, 1 bottle, 1 hair brush, 3 hair clips, 2 scrunchies and 1 friendship bracelet for both the girl and her doll

• The Baby Born Interactive Sister Doll retails at around £44.99 and can be purchased at most reputable toy stores both in store and online. 

What's your favourite feature of the new Baby Born Interactive Sister Doll?


  1. I think my daughter would love her long hair to brush and play with. Like that she can cry and drink etc too

  2. That she can stand on her own
    Really cute

  3. I like the fact that she comes with lots Of accessories

    Kirsty Fox

  4. The long hair is pretty. I'm sure my little girl would quite like brushing it since all her dolls are bald and she doesn't have much hair herself still :)

  5. Changed my mind
    The hair is lush -perfect to style everyday

  6. The long blonde hair, and hair accessories would be made frequent use of :- To practise a variety of hair styles. As girls do like to change hairstyle and fashion accessories frequently.

    Rachel Craig

  7. I like the matching friendship bracelets