Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

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There will always be barriers to achieving something brave and worthwhile and teaching your child how to overcome them can help them to become more independent and achieve more from life. We have teamed up with an independent school in London to share a few ways that you can teach your child about how to overcome obstacles.

Set an Example
You can teach your child to never give up in the face of obstacles by being a positive role model and doing so yourself. At times things may seem tough, whether that be financially or in terms of reaching your personal goals. This will motivate your child to apply the same outlook to life by holding hope and trying their utmost best.

Giving your child the opportunity to face their own challenges is important when teaching them how to overcome obstacles. Through having prior experience, your child will develop self-belief and faith that they can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

Praise Your Child
Lots of positive reinforcement can help your child to continue and not give up. Praise is a great motivator that can help your child to internalise their strengths and capabilities to create self-belief.

Exercise Problem Solving
Overcoming obstacles doesn’t always mean working harder. By working smarter and using problem-solving skills, your child can overcome any obstacle that comes their way by thinking innovatively and creatively. You can do this by playing fun family challenges at home and asking “what if” questions to push your child’s forward-thinking.

Set Goals
Goals can remind you of why you started a challenge when times get tough, and they can help your child to reflect on how far they have come. Without planning and creating checkpoints with yourself it is easy to think that your progress has remained stagnant and give up which is why goal setting is important.

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