8 Tips for Preparing Nursery Staff for Ofsted Inspections

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The Office for Education, Children's Services, and Skills (Ofsted) play an important role within younger classroom settings. As nurseries will obtain a rating from this governing body, it is important to appreciate some steps to take which can ensure that your school receives the credit that it deserves. Let us examine eight sure-fire suggestions so that you can be prepared for what is in store.

Employee Documentation
Staff members should be able to present the necessary documents to an Ofsted official when asked. Here are some important forms to possess:

· A full list of their qualifications.

· Evidence of anyone who has completed a first-aid course.

· A list of all children, their names and their birthdays.

· Fire safety arrangements and any plans for similar emergencies.

Educational History
Ofsted officials are obviously concerned about the welfare of your children from an educational point of view. Therefore, be certain that additional records are accurate and up to date. This information can include achievements, shortcomings, any type of disciplinary actions, attendance reports, and children who may be actively enrolled within a social care plan. Educator EYFS tracking software can be used to generate accurate reports so that a clear picture is presented from the beginning.

Physical Classroom Settings
Ofsted personnel will carefully scrutinise the conditions of a classroom, so spend some time making certain that everything is neat and tidy. Staff members should also inspect other areas such as the lighting within stairwells and the functionality of emergency exits.

Communicate the Upcoming Inspection with Staff Members
Employees should always be made aware of an upcoming inspection so that they have adequate time to prepare. As this article notes, most nurseries are only provided with 24 hours notice. This is why communication is critical.

Speak with Those Who Have Undergone Past Inspections
One or more staff members may have experienced Ofsted inspections in the past. Discuss their experiences and ask for any advice. This type of insight can help to guarantee a positive rating.

Ensure that Staff Members are Calm and Collected
Ofsted inspections can sometimes be slightly stressful. This partially arises from the fact that the careers of your staff members may be affected by the subsequent rating. Make it a point to provide additional support the day before the visit. This is also an excellent time to answer any questions that they may have.

Encourage Employees to Collaborate with Ofsted Personnel
The chances are high that staff members will be asked questions by Ofsted inspectors. They should be prepared for this scenario so that they can provide detailed answers upon request. This also shows that they are keen to adopt a more proactive approach within modern nursery settings.

Positive Ofsted ratings are some of the best ways to illustrate that a nursery school is keeping the best interests of its children in mind. Following these preparatory steps will help to guarantee a smooth and pleasant experience.

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